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Lolock Compiled Reference


13 June 2015 at 18:48:35 MDT

(I definitely recommend clicking on the image to see most of the details properly!)

Compiled reference sheet I worked on and completed last week for a character that is still somewhat in development and yet another character that populates my ever-growing Alteir setting. His heredity hales from the rugged wasteland of Sorensia, although he was not born there. His lineage on his father's side traces down generations from the "High" Sorenese, whereas his mother while still of the same race as his father, is a transplant to the region of Calythia. His formal given name is Kizurri Shuhazan Adamaz, the middle being his ancestral clan name and the appellation at the end his chosen profession that translates from Sorenese simply to "bladewielder," which in their culture means a mercenary, pirate or bandit outside of the employ of the formal military.

Some other stuff about him:

  • Currently serving as the standing quartermaster for the corsair ship Corasta's Wane. He's butted heads with a few captains of the ship in the past due to what he calls "Differences of ideologies and perspective." (whether he started these conflicts or simply ended them remains to be seen) He's still a crew favorite though, which helps him when pirate politics turn rough.
  • His decidedly un-Sorenese name comes from a nickname the Dwarven ship's master coined some years ago. It comes from the Dwarvish word loloch'n which is their word for "trenchant" or "sharp."
  • Lolock got his natural lycanthropy from his mother's side, who is part of a hereditary community of crocodile lycanthropes who live in an isolated city in Calythia colloquially known as Toothport.
  • Permanent green tattoos on face and wrists are Sorenese "criminal marks" denoting that he's killed fellow criminals, slaves and is a cannibal. When he's in croc or hybrid form his scales cover these tattoos.

I'll be adding more stuff when I submit him as a dedicated character soon, but there you go. I quite enjoyed working on his visual development, and once I pinned down his specific features everything fell into place quickly.

Done on three separate sheets of sketch paper in various media: colored pencils, markers and pen primarily.

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    Thanks to Ed I immediately thought "animalistic urges". This is his fault. More like cannibalistic urges. Which isn't his fault, he's just a werecroc. A werecroc's gotta eat right?

    All that silliness aside his design is awesome, and I didn't know that little detail about the tats.

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      Just you watch, "animalistic urges" is going to be a thing in the campaign that will pop up now and then. And we haven't even started playing yet.

      Yep, werecroc's gotta eat. Only reason he got that tattoo was that he was caught and in Sorensia they don't make distinctions whether you're a baseline human or a lycanthrope. He got out of there almost as quickly as he arrived, heh.

      Yes indeed, although most people outside of that continent have no clue what exactly the tattoos mean. Sometimes when Lolock is in a mood to fuck with someone he might make something up if he gets asked about them.

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        I can imagine he has quite a bit of fun with that.

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      I actually googled that phrase.
      I was not disappointed by the first result:

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    Wicked character sheet and nice story to go with it.