Inktober #10: Visage of Stone by Sparkyopteryx

Inktober #10: Visage of Stone


13 October 2016 at 11:45:29 MDT

It was as if you were scaling the side of a flying castle as you ascended the rope ladder to the deck of the airship. A sudden caress of a breeze pushes the muscles in your body, from arms to heart, like a nervous toad as the ladder sways. Why had you agreed to meet him at night? At last you reach the top to haul yourself over the railing. There is a crew on this ship, working furiously with neither sound or respite.

At the opposite railing towers a figure unphased by the strong wind, a frightening statue placed there for some dire purpose. The moonlight is shuttered by a cloud, sending a shadow creeping across the deck. Your eyes are locked on to the statue as it suddenly turns around bringing face-to-face with his stony visage, a frightening mask of living rock draped in shadow. “Welcome aboard my ship, the Evening Dread.” he boomed in such a commanding baritone your bones rattled. “I trust you will mind yourself in my hospitality. Nothing happens aboard my domain without my knowledge. Make yourself comfortable.”

Inktober #10 was delayed in posting since I wanted the spouse to write another little post to accompany it, being as Captain Dorofue is her character. This piece rather destroyed my wrist but I impressed myself in how “fast” I was able to stipple this one. From sketch to finish all told it was about 10+ hours or so

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    This piece is ridiculous. Awesome work here, hopefully your wrist recovers!

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      I absolutely love stippling but yeah, it's hell especially if you don't take breaks. I at least saved some time by blocking in the deep shadows. It's much better now thankfully! The last couple of Inktobers were really quick, easy things to give it a break, hah.

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    Thanks for giving me some time to write a little thing for this, it was fun and invigorating. He's never looked better! Love the way you did the shadows so much.

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      I'm kind of glad now that the half-done aborted ref I did of him years ago never saw the light of day because he looks so much better as a debut in moonlight like this instead. This image was just begging for some kind of writing to go with it so that's why I was willing to wait!