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Hopelessly in love with dragons and cute things
Eager to meet and talk to people, just don't be too weird.

he/they | broke

Please no "thanks for following", you're welcome

Did I mention I love dragons?


Site, where I post random thoughts
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Doing commissions now I guess

I'm poor and need money for things, so, I though would be a nice idea to try doing art commissions on digital (furry) art

Still not sure how good I am, so didn't really want to go for something too high for now

More (all the) info is on my site:

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    Hey I saw your website from Mastodon and it's very impressive. I hope to make my own website someday. It's also good to see someone who still engages in the forgotten art of commenting. I appreciate it!

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    Always awesome to see another fellow dragon lover!!

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    hi! thank you for the watch!

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    Thanks for the watch =3

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    Thank you for the favorite! :)