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About Me

I’m an Australian furry living in New South Wales in Katoomba. I’m 36 years old and have lived in Katoomba most of my life. Katoomba is a small tourist town in the Blue Mountains located west of Sydney.

To describe my personality, I would say I’m a shy, introverted person. I'm chill and quiet most of the time. It takes a while for me to open up to new people.

I enjoy eating out, chilling at a cafe on the internet and seeing the sights. I love to eat Asian, Italian and Indian cuisine. I always like to drink coffee. I'm a non-smoker, but I do enjoy a drink occasionally. When I drink, I enjoy cocktails such as Espresso Martini, Beer and Red Wine.

As far as spirituality goes, I am an atheist. My political beliefs fall to the left of the centre on the political compass. I have worked for Dan Murphy's as a customer assistant. I am currently a carer for my schizophrenic, diabetic father, Graeme.

The furry fandom is such a positive influence on my life. I attended my first furry convention Furry Down Under in 2016. I enjoy travelling around Australia and going to different furry events. I’ve met great people and more positive people at each event I attend. I’ve been to ConFurgence, FurDU, NeonFur and Aurawra. Now, I'm getting into fursuiting with two suits, Braxton and Silver Sheep.

Why Follow Me?

If you like photos of fursuits, you're in the right place. I love to photograph fursuiters at the meets and conventions I attend. I have a good mix of photos, and my collection constantly expands. If you find yourself in one of my photos, you can repost it if you give me credit as the photographer.

I dabble in digital art. I post my art on [url=]Silver Sheep Draws[/url]. I have some artwork that I've commissioned from many different artists. Most of their work features Silver Sheep and Braxton.

I occasionally write short stories. These tend to be furry homosexual-themed erotica and are pretty out there, too. It’s just a bit of self-expression for fun. An expression of my sexuality, take it or leave it.

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I have two fursuits. My fox Braxton is my first suit. Eastern Dragon Studios made him. Silver Sheep is my second fursuit which Hunni Bear made.

About Silver Sheep

Silver Sheep is based on the sheep in the "Wicked!" story series by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman. I read Wicked as a teen, and the cover art for the third book I thought was very cool in the series. The story of the steel sheep was something that fascinated me.

Silver Sheep is an anthro Suffolk sheep. He can turn his fleece into steel wool like a steel wool scourer. Silver Sheep lives and works in a Communist dictatorship with other anthro Sheep. He works as a Zoid pilot. Zoids are large robot animals from the anime of the same name.

Sheep have a collective nature, so I thought of what a society of anthropomorphic sheep would be like. It would be a communist nation or something similar to the Japanese philosophy of valuing the group over the individual. A communist dictatorship setting offers great artistic ideas and fits in with a militaristic pilot of animal robots, so I went with that.

Reference Sheets

Silver Sheep SFW / Silver Sheep NSFW | Braxton SFW / Braxton NSFW


Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia



Past Conventions

  • Aurawra 2023
  • Furry Down Under 2023
  • Aurawra 2022
  • Furry Down Under 2021
  • NeonFur 2019
  • Furry Down Under 2019
  • NeonFur 2018
  • Furry Down Under 2018
  • ConFurgence 2018
  • NeonFur 2017
  • Furry Down Under 2017
  • ConFurgence 2017
  • Furry Down Under 2016

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    Hello sheep friend o/

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      Hello, fellow sheep. It's great to see a few of us around.

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        Yours is so cute <3

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    shears your wool D: its mine now sucker tapes to self and runs off

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    I don't normally follow people for photography, but yours has something special to it; I think I'll be sticking around to see more!

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      Thanks I don't have many followers on here. Mostly on FA.

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    No one follows you? Your photography is top notch! I'll watch you.