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I’m an Australian furry who lives in the state of New South Wales in the town of Katoomba. I’m 30 years old and have lived in Katoomba most of my life. Katoomba is a small town in the Blue Mountains located west of Sydney.

My relationship status is single. I am not currently looking for a partner. To describe my personality I would say I’m a shy, introverted person. I am really chill and quiet most of the time. It takes a while for me to open up to new people.

I enjoy eating out, chilling in a cafe on the internet and seeing the sights. I love to eat Asian, Italian and Indian cuisine. I always like to drink coffee. I'm a non-smoker but I do enjoy a drink occasionally. When I do drink I enjoy cocktails such as Espresso Martini's, Beer and Red Wine.

As far as spirituality goes I am an atheist. My political beliefs fall to the left of centre on the political compass. I have worked for Dan Murphy's as a customer assistant. I am currently a carer for my schizophrenic, diabetic father Graeme.

The furry fandom has been a positive influence on my life. The fandom has made me travel across Australia. I’ve meet great people and I’m meeting more positive people with each event I attend. I attended my first furry convention Furry Down Under in 2016. I’ve been to Melbourne for ConFurgence and back to FurDU in 2017.


I’m a furry photographer who likes to take photos of fursuits. I think fursuits are beautiful wearable art. It’s a photographic passion of mine to capture them in front of my lens. You will find photos from furry conventions, local furry events and sometimes even one on one photo shoots. If you find yourself in one of my photos you are free to repost as long as you give me credit as the photographer. Being from Australia don't expect any photos from Anthrocon or Midwest Furfest (Yet) but I have photos from the Australian furry scene.

Next is artwork the art that I post are pieces that I have commissioned from artists. I make that clear in the titles and/or description in my gallery. Sometimes I win an art raffle or receive gift art. The artwork mainly features my fursona Silver Sheep. I don’t have any adult themed art of my fursona yet. The highest rating is mature like on the tank commander piece.

Last but not least is my writing. I don’t really consider myself a writer but I occasionally write short stories. These tend to be furry homosexual-themed erotica they are pretty out there too. It’s just a bit of self-expression. An expression of my sexuality. If you don't like that sort of stuff simply don't click on it.


Silver Sheep is based on the sheep in the Wicked! story series by Paul Jennings and Morris Gleitzman. I read Wicked as a teen and the cover art for the third book in the series I thought was very cool. The story of the steel sheep was something that fascinated me.

Silver Sheep is an anthro Suffolk sheep. I went with the Suffolk breed because Silver isn't a jock archetype like that is often represented by the American bighorn sheep for example. He has the ability to turn his fleece into steel wool like that of a steel wool scourer. He works as a Zoid pilot. Zoids are large robot animals from the anime of the same name. Silver Sheep lives and works in a Communist dictatorship with other anthro Sheep.

Sheep have a collective nature so I thought of what a society of anthropomorphic sheep would be like. It would be a communist nation or something along the lines of the Japanese philosophy of valuing the group over the individual. A communist dictatorship setting offers great artistic ideas and also fits in with a militaristic pilot of animal robots so I went with that.

Character reference sheet


Katoomba, New South Wales, Australia




  • NeonFur 2017
  • Furry Down Under 2017
  • ConFurgence 2017
  • Furry Down Under 2016

Latest Journal

Neon Fur Meme

on 9 September 2017 at 06:02:15 MDT

Neon Fur Meme

Where are you staying?

Mantra Legends (Convention hotel)

What day are you getting there?


How are you arriving?


Who will you be rooming with?

A cute, flirty dude by the name of Darius.

Who will you hang out with during the convention?

My friends mainly.

Are there events you might be attending?

The After dark panel hosted by Diego and the dances.

Will you be suiting?

No, I don't own a suit.

Do you do free art?

I'm a photographer not an artist.

Do you do trades?

Not an artist.

How tall are you?


Are you taken?


Can I talk to you?

Yes, of course you can.

Can I touch you?

Yes, Hugs are fine.

How can I find you?

I'm a dude with a large camera strapped around his neck.

Can I visit your room?

Only if you ask and are invited to my room with the approval of my room mate.

Can I buy you drinks?


Can I give you stuff?

Sure, knock yourself out.

Can I hug or snuggle with you?

Hugs, sure and snuggles are fun.

Are you nice?

Yes, if I do say so myself.

How long are you going?

Check in Thursday, Check out Monday

If I see you, how should I get your attention?

Introduce yourself and say hello.

Where will you be most of the time during the days?

Taking photos of fursuiters around the conspace.

What/where will you be eating?

I'll play it by ear.

Can I come with you for fun/food/etc.?

If you ask me, sure.

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    shears your wool D: its mine now sucker tapes to self and runs off

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    I don't normally follow people for photography, but yours has something special to it; I think I'll be sticking around to see more!

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      Thanks I don't have many followers on here. Mostly on FA.

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    No one follows you? Your photography is top notch! I'll watch you.