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World of Fir Race Guide: Dragons by Shadewrecker

The children of Razak are a hardy, rugged, and unwavering bunch dedicated to their traditions and their god. What they don’t have in creative spirit, they make up for with community and pure power. The Dragons of Fir focus on what’s important to them: their families, their communities, and the will of their god. Despite their violent and warlike nature, they are passionate and caring individuals, if a little stuck in their ways.

Variants and Regions
Male and female Dragons are far more dimorphic than their Fur counterparts, with males often growing larger and more muscular than their comparatively smaller and slimmer females as they age. Divergence from this phenomenon is rare, but not unheard of. Subspecies of Dragons are also treated far more differently than those of Furs, with an unspoken hierarchy of power emerging among the different power levels of Dragon subspecies. Flame, Forest, and Ice Dragons are not considered in low regard per se, but Twilight, Blood, and Prismatic Dragons are certainly considered the pinnacle of Dragonkind. Dragon colors are tied to subspecies, with slight variation within, and large variation without (there are commonly dragons of all colors). Dragons can be found primarily in the mountains, caves, and jungles of Daltei, but also in the Granval Range and Saterus Wastes of Calesca. Most interestingly, there exists a clan of Sea Dragons living below the ocean waters between Daltei and Calesca. Dragons are plantigrade, but can come with a mix of digitgrade and plantigrade, depending on the variant. Female dragons do not have breasts, but do have a raised area on their chest vaguely resembling the shape. They are not expected to cover up, and both male and female dragons tend to forgo shirts and other top coverings.

Traits and Abilities
Most Dragons have no innate powers like the Furs, but they make up for it with their strength, their breath, their wings, and their far, far higher tolerance for Remnant flow. Dragons make excellent magic users, and it’s rare to see one that doesn’t know how to use at least some kind of magic. Most Dragons care not for reading and idle study, but magic is the one exception, paving the way for many schools of magic within dragon communities. Dragons tend to have children communally, with hatchlings often having many ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ raising them. Those that choose a single mate for life are not uncommon, but are sometimes seen as outcasts from the community. Dragons have longer lifespans than Furs on average, living for up to 200 years or so, but many have found ways of extending their lifespan through magic.

Dragon culture is far stricter and more traditional than that of Furs. Gender roles are much more ingrained, with men expected to be hunters and warriors and females expected to raise the children and care for the home. Experimentation with sexual orientation is close to forbidden, but surprisingly, through the aid of magic, those that wish to experiment with gender can mostly get away with it. Due to the existence of contraceptive magic, sex is much more common and open in dragon society, as it holds religious significance. Likewise, Dragons are far more religious than their Fur counterparts, holding their duty to their god as extremely important in their lives. It is perhaps this that drives their violence, rather than their actual nature, as Razak’s orders were that of explicit destruction of the Furs. Dragons who forsake their culture and god often travel to Tialem in the Coresti Sands on Calesca to live a different sort of life among their peers as well as Furs.

Due to their confinement to certain climates, Dragon cuisine is far more meat-based, especially bushmeat. Rather than farming, Dragons are mostly hunters and scavengers, though there have been Dragon societies that have obtained food from farming, either by themselves or through the use of serf Furs or slave Elementals.

Through the use of magic, Dragons make use of incredibly advanced devices such as Remnant-powered lights and refrigerators. However, their technological progress stagnated after creating the basics that improved their living standards. Would they have desired to, the Dragons could have created devices such as cars and cellphones, but the desire never manifested, and such devices remain uninvented. Instead, Dragons often rely on the use of Elementals for labor and defense. Major Elementals were an unintended result of the creation of Minor Elementals, though Dragons later found them useful as they could do more than take simple orders.

World of Fir Race Guide: Dragons


Race/OC guide for the Dragons of Fir.

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