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Introducing... Chosen of Fir Tales!

on 19 August 2020 at 17:00:39 MDT

I swear to god it's happening this time. For real. I am actually back, I just have to proofread them and they'll be out one at a time on Thursdays. Chosen of Fir Tales takes place after the conclusion of Chosen of Fir: Mementos From a Distant Father and details the little things in life that the main characters go through now that their journey is complete. Tune in for a bit of a different experience to the first book and its prequel, and an important piece leading up to Chosen of Fir 2: To Whom the Future Belongs.

I'm sorry for such a long wait, the last few years have been filled with a lot of turmoil in my life, and currently I'm going through a bit of a transition period, so I haven't had the most motivation to write, but I can assure everyone I'm working on it, I have plenty of plans and new content coming up, it just might be a bit delayed like the Tales were. Things to look forward to include a bit of a rework to Chosen of Fir 1, patching a few plotholes and making the writing flow better, and a new story in a new universe: Starbound: Sonata of Shadow.

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