March Creature Exchange - Kiki-Tayler by Shadderstag

March Creature Exchange - Kiki-Tayler


30 March 2018 at 16:35:35 MDT

I got Kiki-Tayler for the Creature-exchange this month!

1 - What parts of your prompt were written well and easy to understand? Was there anything the writer of the prompt could improve on or include next time they create a prompt?

This was the prompt. I really enjoyed the simplicity of it, and it left a lot of freedom.

2 - Please explain how you interpreted the prompt to create your design. Which features did you use? Did you stick to the chosen palette or make changes to it? Does the design you created have any special abilities or quirks?

While I was brainstorming, I looked up fairy tales, and especially Celtic mythology, and the idea of a banshee really sprung out at me. The image of her normally wild hair and dress being jellyfish tendrils stuck and that's the direction I ended up going. And due to a spelling mistake, she's been affectionately dubbed "yellyfish" by my friends and peers. Her colors were inspired by various photos of jellyfish I found on the internet. I imagine she's a ghostly apparition that lures folks deep into the forest with her bright colors and bioluminescence before she attacks.

Definitely on of my favorite designs I've done. I hope you enjoy!

Art (c) Scott Francis
Character (c) Kiki-Tayler

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    I really love the bold colors in this piece! :D

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    Yellyfish is such a wonderful name for a banshee jellyfish :D