Angel Armory - May 24 2013 WIP by SF (critique requested)

Angel Armory - May 24 2013 WIP

Angel Armory - May 24 2013 WIP (critique requested)


25 May 2013 at 00:03:18 MDT

Maybe it's really almost done this time.

I'm not sober enough to describe this now. I actually had a drink and then took some sleeping pills and then about a litre of chamomile tea. I don't think I'll fall into a coma so long as i

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    I like metal better.

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    I really like the bass jump in the intro. I also like the organization of the sounds over the 17th. still feels hollow without the bass of the 17th, and the underlying bass pulse is still too much "Subaru-WRX-without-a-muffler-ish" IMHO, the organization of this one and the underlying bass pulse/depth of the 17th, and it's perfect.

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    First off, these are quiet files. I loaded this and the 17th onto my ipod and played on the iHome and they're quiet. Also, the difference between the foundation bass of this and the 17th isn't quite as stark as with using earbuds. It's past 3 AM though so I'm going to make like SF and pass out now, and bump it in the morning and see how they sound then. :3

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      I appreciate you listening with such attention to detail! Yeah perhaps the reason the deepest part of the bass is such a moving target is the fact that I'm mixing this on headphones (albeit high quality AKG ones) and I can't test it on big speakers without the neighbours complaining. That's good to know the composition is an improvement. I'll see if I can add just slightly more subs to the bass without turning it into a muddy mess and then declare it done (because I am sick of hearing this song by now).

      I think I forgot to maximize this one before uploading it, I'll be sure to make the final render peak at something like -0.3db.

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        lol, I don't want to know how many times you've listened to it by now. Listen to '117' off the Halo 4 ost, it's a good pallet cleanser ;)

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        I also think that this version does very well fill the role of credits music, or even just following the final boss battle while the plot wraps itself up.