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Angel Armory by SF (critique requested)

Angel Armory

Angel Armory (critique requested)


This was my submission to the Indaba Music 2013 Welcome Oblivion remix contest. It's meant to be a blend of Nine Inch Nails instrumental stylings and 16-bit era gaming tropes. It's music for running around a cyber fortress and smashing robots to.

This started as a joke entry meant to complement a more serious piece, but I got kind of carried away with it and it ended up being my only one. I was rather crushed when in my sleep-deprived state I uploaded the wrong bounce, and tech support wouldn't allow me to fix the file once the deadline passed. At any rate it's only left me determined to overshadow it in the future.

I would have done much of this differently if I were starting it today, which I suppose must mean I learned something. That melody instrument's shrillness still bugs me a lot in particular, but I need to learn to say enough's enough and move on from a project.

A big thanks to vlcice and TheGloriousTachikoma for their creative inputs!

Please check it out on Indaba, and vote if you like it!

Based on the song Strings and Attractors by How To Destroy Angels, on the album Welcome Oblivion, which I highly recommend.


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    Fuck yes. I doubt I need to say any more. I love it man. Best version of them all. B)

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      Thank you for telling me the bass was turning ugly when it was, and I mean that sincerely. I literally could not hear the difference any more at that point. I learned something in particular about what a double edged sword harmonic exciters are.

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        Like I said, I don't want to know how many times you listened to that song.

        As soon as the bass dropped I just got this huge shit eating grin until the piece ended. And then I hit <<