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"Adventures of Amran" Animation Cels by Seylyn

"Adventures of Amran" Animation Cels


20 March 2014 at 09:45:18 MDT

Re-post, August 2013.

Shamblastery Studios is celebrating the 29th anniversary of their first feature animation by releasing a few of the rare, hand-painted cels today!
‘Adventures of Amran’ initially premiered in Canada and was followed by a wider North American release shortly after.

I was lucky enough to score the two cels seen here, along with their original production drawings. If you've haven’t seen this rare film before, I heard that Shamblastery is planning a newly remastered DVD & Blu-ray release later this year.

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    Huh! Interesting. I had never even heard of it before now.

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    Those are hand-painted cels? Wow they looked digital at first.

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    These are so cool! I used to make cels as a kid, but it's been years! They're so fun.

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      Ah thanks haha! Yeah, I haven't done it for quite a while either, so this was a good chance to XD

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    The search results got me absolutely nothing for Adventures of Amran or Shamblastery Studios.

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      You gotta go super old-school for them: phone book lookup!

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    I have never heard of it, I am intrigued to see it. Nice score btw!

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    I've got a copy of this that I taped off CBC when I was little! Still has the old Christmas Sobey's commercials on it. ;)