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"There are no shortcuts to anyplace worth going."
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"The universe is a cruel and vexing puzzle. I’m at the whim of the cosmos." — Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Terms of Service & Adoptable Resell Policy

Terms of Service

By purchasing art and / or a character design from me you are automatically agreeing to following terms and conditions. Please read this carefully.

✦ I have the right to refuse any commission request as I see fit.

✦ I have the right to update these terms of service at any time without further acknowledgment.

✦ All payment should be in USD unless agreed otherwise.

✦ The customer may not claim the work as their own; credit must be given to the artist.

✦ The customer may upload the work done by me to their website and / or third party websites as long as they give credit and link back to one of my galleries (deviantart, weasyl, furaffinity, or tumblr.)

✦ The customer may use the work for personal projects, i.e. creating icons, wallpapers, customer layouts, custom journals, themes, etc . . . but redistribution and commercial use of the purchased work is not allowed. In layman’s terms: you may not make profit of any kind off the work you purchase from me.

✦ The artist will send you a work in progress when the sketch of your commission has been completed to get approval to move forward and finish your commission. At this point you as the customer have the right to ask for edits and changes to be done, based on the sketch provided. “Major edits” such as completely redrawing the character / pose are limited to once per commission. If more “major edits” are required, it will be resolved on a case-by-case basis. The artist is not required to make more than one “major edit” and has the right to decline to do so, or to cancel the commission entirely if they feel the situation has gotten out of hand.

✦ Payment is required after the customer gives confirmation on the final sketch. I, the artist, will not continue working on the commission after this point until the payment is received. Payment must be sent before I will finish the commission.

✦ The artist will keep a editable copy of the purchased artwork until the customer has confirmed that they are satisfied with the finished product. Two small edits can be made for free. The artist has the right to charge a $5 fee for any additional edits after the first two. Edits required because of a mistake on the artists part, wherein which the artist forgot something that was obvious on the reference material for the character given to the artist by the customer, are always free. (Note: I encourage you to be detailed in your description of what you want and provide quality references for your characters.)

Specific to Adoptables & Design Commissions

✦ In addition to the terms listed above, the following conditions apply to adoptables and design commissions.

✦ The customer may resell the design for less than or equal to the price that they paid.

✦ The customer may not resell the design for more than they paid; they may not resell the design for a profit.

✦ If the customer wishes to resell a design along with additional art of the character that they have drawn themselves or art of the character that they have commissioned from other artists, they may resell the design for more than the original price after receiving my permission. The customer must have my explicit permission before doing this. (Note: If you are interested in doing this please contact me via note, or email me at

✦ The customer must always give credit to me, the original artist, when reselling one of my adoptables and / or custom designs. Please link the new owner back to me. When adoptables are traded or resold, the new owner is also subject to these terms.

Note: Although this is not a requirement, I highly encourage customers to offer me a chance to buy the adoptable back from you (essentially refunding you the original price) before attempting to resell the adoptable. There may be instances where I cannot or will not buy the adoptable back from you, due to monetary issues, but I truly appreciate when people give me the opportunity.

✦ Alterations to the purchase design are allowed, but do not make these alterations to the original character art drawn by me— do not edit the art that you purchased from me. If there is something you would like changed on the art you purchased from me, feel free to contact me about doing it myself. (Note: I have the right to decline or charge a $5 to have this done if I feel the edit is too large.)

✦ Alterations to the design of adoptables categorized as one of my “original species” require my permission and must be authorized by me. Do not alter the design of an “original species” adoptable without my permission and approval.

( Last updated February 25th, 2014. )

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