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Beatrix Rabbit by Scorpio-Gustavo

Beatrix Rabbit


16 January 2018 at 23:51:43 MST

Beatrix Rabbit: Team Overall Assistant/Support/Reserve.
Bubbly, cheerful and attention-seeking. Born in a family of over a dozen siblings, Beatrix had to work hard for attention.. At least until she grew up to understand her parent’s burden of having so many kids.
Growing up idolizing her whimsical uncle, a former-Shirt Tale/now-magician, Beatrix studied to be his assistant and protege; but sadly she wasn’t magician material with her skills being mediocre at best. Despite the drawback, Beatrix was encouraged her to be a Shirt Tale, making good of her positive attitude, quick learning/multi-tasking and her wanting to help people, there she’d befriend her future team.
Though a part of her wishes she’s a magician like her uncle, there’s still no other place she’d rather be other than with her team.


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    What a cute bunny :-)