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Ira Otter by Scorpio-Gustavo

Ira Otter


13 January 2018 at 00:13:53 MST

Ira Otter: STSST co-pilot/Nautical specialist. Stern, placid, serene and sometimes military-like, essentially a counter to Silas and Todd.
As a cub, Ira grew-up admiring his family’s contribution to the Shirt Tales, especially his parents who were respected pilots of the famous STSST.
At a young age, Ira’s parents signed him up into the academy to be a top-tier Shirt Tale and pilot. In time, Ira would befriend a certain raccoon and panda and subsequently their other friends as well; As much as happy his parents were, they did not approve of Todd (lazy), Silas (reckless), and Morwen (violent); at least at first but will eventually respect their strengths and comradeship they share with their son.
Later Ira graduated with flying colours (on piloting, social skills still need improvement).
While Ira can enjoy a good time, he still has his family’s strictness and respect for the rules, and will basically be a party-pooper.