TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 2) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 2)


16 May 2020 at 17:21:38 MDT

i think i come out of an idea, and that idea is that Leontine has decided to keep the letters with threat to herself because she thinks the person is just making a sick joke
and besides it could be everyone but she believes neither Tinkerbell, Fawn, iridessa Silvermist, Rosetta, Vidia, Periwinkle, Zarina, Spike, Gliss, Sled, Jake, Tyger, Terence, Clank, Bobble
nor Caspar do something like that since they are her friends or allies. but after her boyfriend got killed by the hyenas she have to tell her friends (i don't know if hyenas kills fairies but i make it look like they are dangerous in pixie hollow and kills the fairies) but i'll see how it turns out with this chapter though so here we go i guess
nobody but Leontine knows what's going on, but she thinks someone is making a sick joke and scares everyone away or something,
she hides the letters with the threat under her bed, her boyfriend knocks on her door to have a nice diner with each other,
and during the diner he gave her a necklace, something she keeps it

knock on the door
Leontine: come on in whatever you are!
Caspar: tada! you didn't expected it from me do you?
Leontine: no to be completely honest no, i thought it would be Tink
Caspar: well i guess you got it wrong (he said with a smirk)
Leontine: not that i don't want you to be here but what are you up to actually? (she is being curious)
Caspar: you mean what are WE up to!
Leontine: what? what do you mean WE?
Caspar: i come to pick you up from a diner (he said with excitement)
Leontine: woah really? t...that's so sweet of you! where are we going? (she said with joy)
Caspar: how about outside, i'm sure the baking fairies won't mind making us diner (he said being positive)
Leontine: well in that case let's get out of here and ask the baking fairies to cook something for us shall we?
Caspar nodded

Caspar: oh i nearly forgot but i have a gift for you (they are both outside while waiting for diner)
Leontine: you didn't have to do that you know!
Caspar: oh but i wanted it, don't worry, you helped me a lot, you learned me how i can be myself, learned everyone including me not to judge anyone just because of their skin, eyes and all that,
you even risked your live just to save us from the boss of the vampire fairies, you always protects everyone especially me and everything else, i like everything about you, so that's the reason i need to do something in return for you, JUST for you, so i hope you like the gift i'm about to give it to you!
Leontine's mouth was wide open and so was her eyes, she freezed for a while and didn't knew what to say

Leontine: i....i.....i don't know what to say, thank you i guess for doing something in return (she looked at her boyfriend)
Caspar: this is a gift for you (he gives it to her and she opens it)
Leontine: wow, it's a necklace (she looks surprised)
Caspar: do you like it?
Leontine: no.
Caspar: what? (he looks confused)
Leontine: I LOVE IT (she jumps to him and he catch her)
Caspar: damn i thought you really meant it, but you can stop jumping from my arms, don't want to hurt my arms
Leontine: nobody gave something for me, and i'm more then happy i finally get a gift
Caspar: thanks i guess, and you're welcome

just then the baking fairies came to these 2 to tell them the diner is ready, they ate the diner,

Leontine: Mmmmmm i love it, it smells yummy, thanks for asking me out for a diner
Caspar: no problem, and i love this (they both put each others hands at the grass while they are sitting with their belly on the grass and their legs high (kinda like how people read the books and decide to sit with their belly on the ground or something))
Caspar: i love you
Leontine: i love you more! i hope if there is a adventure we do this together
Caspar: i promise we do this together, atleast we are gonna go through this together
Leontine: oh what a relief,

then awhile later they see the full moon at the sky and cuddle each other while lying on the ground,
and after awhile they decided to go home since it's night already

Leontine: i had a good time tonight (she said with joy while trying to talk softly)
Caspar: me too, we should do this more often (he said whispering in her ear)
Leontine: yes we should do something like this often

they both nodded and before they were leaving to get some sleep they kissed each other in their mouths
and just a day later, the murderer kills Caspar while he spends the time on his own,
close to the waterfall.

Leontine: Mmmm the sun is shinning so that means new day, new chances and do something usefull instead of doing nothing,
but what can i do? Mmmmm, ah i got it, practice my own skills just incase if something bad is coming i can use them

while at the waterfall Caspar is just chilling and is daydreaming, then he was going somewhere else, he's going to the rocks, away from pixie hollow
but then without him knowing the hyenas are coming

Drake: alright hyenas, here's the plan, attack the vampire sparrowmen and kill him and then when this shit is done we have to make a plan to kill the other fairies aswell,
we're gonna make the goldish girl miserable, everyone will know the truth about her past for what she did to the vampires, killing animals and nearly killed 2 fairies
her mind might not be so f*cked up as she used to be but we sure can scare her since we've been watching over her but secretly, we can think of something
Hyena 1: good idea
Hyena 2: oh that's so wonderfull, then she'll watch overyone die,
Drake: get him, like right now
Hyena 1: got it, we'll do it for you!

Caspar: Mmmmm what a peacefull day, just spend the time with myself, i only have Leontine as my closest friend and girlfriend but hey i let her be herself, spend her time with her friends and her own
i don't always have to spend the time with her even though we are a couple, i let her talk to her friends,
wait what is that noises? OH NO HYENAS! I HAVE TO USE MY POWERS RIGHT NOW! (he was very horrified)

he tries to use his skills and make the hyenas leave with the thing that makes him want to do something with the hyenas (you know, the magic that do hyenas what he wants)
but it was TOO much, there are many hyenas then he thought so he couldn't control his powers, he try to hide it to the hole but it only worked for awhile

Leontine fly to the waterfall and wants to go somewhere else, just to test her skills so she decided to go to the rocks aswell
but then she got a bad feeling, the feeling someone is in trouble or something, her bad feeling came closer the more she flies to someone that turned to be her boyfriend,
she sure wanted for a fight but not when someone is in trouble

Leontine: woah Caspar what happens here? (she gasped and was in shock, afraid of what might happen to him)
Caspar: i don't know i came here to be away, spend the time with myself but then i get attacked by you know,
Leontine: oh no there are too many, hold on (she tries to use her skills aswell but that was no use since they are moving so fast)
i'm gonna get you out of this, just hold on, (she tries to use her hair but the hyenas almost hit her very long hair)
OH NO, NOT MY HAIR (she put her hair away just on time but then her boyfriend got killed)
Caspar: OH NO, (he got punched and the hyenas killed him and he screamed of course)
Leontine: OH NO, NOT HIM (she was about to cry and hold her hands near her mouth)
this must be a joke, he can't be dead, he can't be dead, he just can't, he have to wake up,
come on, please be alive, just please let him be, he can't be dead, he's too young to die, i deserves to die, not him, please wake up (she tries to move his head and slowely shakes him but without results)
she close her eyes and is lying to him thinking this is just a nightmare while she sobs

Tinkerbell and her friends notice Leontine being gone, so they decide to look for her,
they eventually found her, Leontine explains everything to her friends and they were also in shock but they have to take him to the healing talent fairy to make sure he's REALLY dead

Zarina: finally we found you, we were worried sick about you
Silvermist: w....what's wrong? (she said softly)
Leontine: i'm not 100% sure but i think he died (she said crying)
Rosetta: what happened? how did this happen?
Leontine: he told me he wanted to be away when the hyenas attacked him, and.....sigh i tried to rescue him but.....
Fawn: but it was too late? (fawn take a while guess)
Leontine: y.....yeah, and now i don't know what to do, i should've been there for him, i should've come earlier before the hyenas came, then none of this happened
iridessa: oh but you can't pretend it, you atleast tried to rescue him, you cares a lot about him, you couldn't knew this was happening
Leontine: but i feel so beating up, i failed once to protect him and now i failed it again, if i'd come earlier then he would been able to get away with it, we promised that we were going through this together,
i just can't live with myself now,
Tinkerbell: don't blame yourself, it's not your fault, like iridessa said, you couldn't have pretended it (she comforts her and placed her hands to Leo's arm)
Rosetta: you didn't knew somethings bad was gonna happen to him.
Zarina: trust me, we were going through bad stuff, we all are, even when someone's in danger we've been there (she spoke it out)
Leontine: i don't know what to say, but nobody went through this what i'm through now
Vidia: you might didn't know this but a few years ago when Fawn saved pixie hollow from the clouds with gruff she risked her own live for everyone just to save pixie hollow and to turn everything to normal
and if it weren't for gruff, then Fawn wouldn't be here right now, so don't ever think we don't know what you are going through this now
Leontine: who's gruff?
Silvermist: that was a creature called the neverbeast who build towers from every seasons to collect all of it to save pixie hollow from the green clouds, Fawn called him Gruff
both Gruff and Fawn fell from the sky after they had to find other things to save pixie hollow after nyx destroyed it, Fawn's heart stopped beating so we cried on Fawn's death,
or atleast we all thought she was dead but thankfully Gruff used his electry to bring her alive and we were all so relieved she woke up,
Tinkerbell: yeah and when Gruff was tired we were so sad we might not see him again since he sleeps for thousand years, we didn't want him to sleep with an empty room in the hypernation
Leontine: oh i see, that explains a lot, it's just, i'm feeling sorry for myself you know
iridessa: let's get him to the healing fairies shall we!

how will it turn out, is he really dead or is he just unconcious? anyway i hope you like this chapter?

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