TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 1) by Sailorplanet97

TB And The Request Of The Enemy (Part 1)


16 May 2020 at 17:18:08 MDT

TB stands for Tinkerbell but i shorted it to TB since the tittle might be too long to fit
Leontine is in the maincast AGAIN but her boyfriend don't, i'll see how it turns out in the end
but i want it look like he got killed from the monsters or something but then comes back when other fairies got killed
well expect Leontine since she's unbeatable because of her skills as a fighter fairy but i don't wanna spoil you guys that much

the storyteller tells the story of if there were fairies who won't be able to be killed or to get beat up and that maybe who knows there is a fairy who could beat the enemie which isn't a fairy
but could understand what the fairies are saying since they don't jingles, expect from humans, the storyteller then tells everyone that they'll see how it turns out
and then the opening started where the couples plays each other a game called tag your it but after the opening they were lying at the grass

Leontine: can you believe that most rules are broken now?
Caspar: no i don't, infact i didn't expected it to be honest
Leontine: everyone thinks only Tink can break them since she isn't afraid of anything, but guess what? i can break them too!
Caspar: it kinda surprises me, i thought we could start our pride and make our own rules or something
Leontine: i guess everyone was wrong about you expect me
Caspar: i guess, i have an other question about something else
Leontine: which is?
Caspar: about losing each other, like if we don't have feelings for each other or something anymore
Leontine: we can still be friends if one of us don't have feelings for each other, i'm not too worried about that, i just hope we won't leave each others side though
Caspar: i'm never leaving you again, i promise (he said knowing it won't happen)
Leontine: promise? (she said making sure)
Caspar: i promise!
Leontine: oh thank god, what a relief
Caspar: i love you
Leontine: i love you too

they were cuddling each other and spended the time with each other, after awhile Leontine was going home and talking to herself about everything that has happened

Leontine: home sweet home huh! i guess i should sit on my bed and think about some stuff
she was thinking straight and thinks about many mistakes she maked in the past and got flashbacks about her past, throwing holywater to the vampires,
her lights that almost gived up because of a human that told someone that he/she don't believe in fairies, and said it out loud right infront of her,
she hiding under the ground just to find the book to write something and change into a book that gives the fairies in general gives advices and warning about everything,
she didn't realizes till now that she shouldn't steal those ones that humans lost it just to use something else from it and regretted it,
she also have bad experiences about her anger issues in the past, she hallucinates at the times especially at nights and can't keep herself calm
Jake, Tyger or Caspar has to calm her down and tells her she just hallucinates, the boys don't mind calming her down and getting awake because of her
because they have nothing but time to be there for her and listens to what she has to say, her boyfriend even wants to stay with her just incase if she gets flashbacks from her past
she regrets for sneaking out and killing everyone that was near her, or atleast the near killing experiences.

Leontine: i hope bad stuff won't happen to me ever again since i'm redeemed and found forgiving for my actions, i already have many bad experiences, let alone gets killed
Leontine: i can't believe i stole the books from humans just because i needed advices about what we can or can't do as fairies, oh well it won't matter anymore since one of the human are already dead long time ago

what she doesn't know that bad stuff is gonna happen again when most fairies gets killed when she have to takes everything on her own,
she gets the letters that they are threated her and that her boyfriends gets killed first, and after that other fairies gets killed, fairies around her gets killed,
then the last fairy who gets killed is her, she gets terrified and don't know what to do but she decided to keep it to herself till she knows what to do about this situation

Leontine: i have to pretend nothing happens to everyone around me, this letter has to be a joke (she shakes because of the letter the enemy leaved to her)
-w....w...who are they, what do they want from me? this just has to be a joke! if it's about my past then why getting the others involved, why not killing me instead?
i hate when i get confrontated just because of my past, i have changed, everyone forgave me and sees me as a friend, so why do i still gets hates on this paper (she jumps from conclussions and gets in panic)
i just have to keep it to myself till i know what to do!

i hope you like this part, sure there are up and downs here but i start with a short story till i know what to write in further parts,
this one is mostly based on her, sorta like how it was more based on fawn mostly in legend of the neverbeast,
but what do you think, should Leontine alarm her boyfriend about the letter and eventually tells her other friends or not?
i don't have any ideas to be honest but the next part is coming so stay turned

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