Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 11) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 11)


15 May 2020 at 15:25:16 MDT

Tinkerbell and the mysterious adventure
i try my best to make the story good so here i go i guess

Tinkerbell and her friends showed Leontine around pixie hollow, they even explained about the winter Woods and that winter fairies are allowed to go to pixie hollow
and warm fairies are allowed to go to the winter Woods, the winter fairies needs to have a snow-making machines to be in pixie hollow
and warm fairies have to put on a jacket to go to the winter Woods and frost their wings from the winter fairies, leontine was surprised about it
but everything was answered there and how this was happening

Tinkerbell: now let's go to Queen clarion to meet you properly
Leontine: oh i so hope she will forgive me for the stupid things i did (she said while thinking)
Terence: she'll love you
Rosetta: yes if we explain to her about you, i'm pretty sure she'll forgive you,
Tinkerbell: i'll go and talk to her, and after that, you can come in
Leontine: alright

Tinkerbell is flying to queen clarion

Tinkerbell: queen clarion, there's something i need to talk to you
Queen clarion: oh what is it?
Tinkerbell: it's a serious topic and i think you should listen (she said friendly and calm)
Queen clarion": oh this must be serious, now tell me what you wanna talk about (she said softly)
Tinkerbell: well i... wel i mean me and my friends met a fairy who isn't born or growing up in pixie hollow

Queen clarion might know which person she's talking about while she's listening

Tinkerbell: and well...that new fairy saved our life with the spiders, she wasn't nice at first but she's changed for the things she had done
and well i want you to meet her to prove she has changed
Queen clarion: well i don't know about this Tinkerbell, she might says it to pretend she's nice while she isn't (she said carefully)
Tinkerbell: but she really IS changed, please queen clarion i'm begging you

after awhile she's allowed to get Leontine inside to meet queen clarion properly

Leontine: hello queen clarion, nice to meet you (she said nervously)
Queen clarion: hello Leontine, long time no see
Leontine: i can say the same

after Leontine explained everything to queen clarion, she wasn't sure about Leontine and she wanna prove it
so for her own safety she needs to go home

Silvermist: what was happening there about the meeting? (she said calmly)
Leontine: well she don't want to see me i guess

everyone gasped hearing this

Fawn: how come?
Leontine: she said i just said it to make this all up, which isn't true (she said trying to keep calm)
Vidia: come on i'm pretty sure she'll come around (she said placing her hands to her arm)
Leontine: well i don't know guys, i don't think she wants me to be around
Zarina: oh come on, just give her some time
Tinkerbell: yeah, i'm pretty sure she's still in shock, i'm pretty sure she'll let you in after you can prove her and everyone else wrong,
you said that you had changed right? don't give up hope, everything is gonna be alright
Leontine sigh
Tinkerbell: look when i first was born and wanted to fix everything, nobody accepted my things, my way of fixing everything
i was dissapointed i wasn't allowed to go on the Mainland since my work is here, i wanted to switch my talent for the other talents
i made a mess with the sprinting thistles and destroyed everything, i was just about to leave pixie hollow because i thought i was unwanted here
till Terence here got me wrong when i first properly met him, i eventually accepted my talents and i stayed in pixie hollow
and i knew i had my responsibility's so I told queen clarion and all the other fairies that I knew I could fix everything after hearing nobody could save spring
after I made my mess with the sprinting thistles, and guess what? I saved spring and everyone accepted the new things I have
and I was allowed to go on the mainland after I told my friends I'm proud of who I am, and it was because of the box I fixed it
so don't ever think for a second she can't accept you for who you are (she said knowing about her own past, calmly and friendly)
everyone else agreed with Tinkerbell

Vidia: yeah she got a point, try to be positive (she said friendly)
Leontine: sigh alright i won't say a thing till i know for sure
Silvermist: everything is gonna be alright buttercup, (she flew to her and placed her hand on her shoulder)

a few hours has passed and it's dark already and fawn let her in to sleep at her home,
but she wakes up earlier then fawn and get a feeling something bad is coming,
she's a fighter fairy afterall so she knows when something is wrong

i hope you liked this part?
the next part is coming soon

Tinkerbell and the mysterious adventure
now here's the scene when something is going on, something bad is coming

Leontine wakes up while fawn is still sleeping, she's going outside,
she keeps an look out, she's going to the pixie dust tree and climbs on the tree, she's above the tree to see what's going on
and she see's tons of monsters that's coming to pixie hollow, she warns the 2 other fighting fairies about this by calling them on the phone

Jake: hello?
Leontine: hi jake, it's me i need your help
Jake: it didn't go well with apologizing and explain all of it huh?
Leontine: oh no no no, it's not about that, it did helped though and everyone forgave me but it's something else
Jake: oh what is it?
Leontine: well i'm in pixie hollow and there's monsters, MANY of them who's coming after us
Jake: does anyone know about this?
Leontine: no nobody, i just recently saw it myself and thought i warn you about it, so i hope you're coming to pixie hollow?
Jake: i'll see what i can do
Leontine: alright but please hurry! (she said being scared)
Jake: see ya soon

they hung up and leontine is keeping an close eye on the monsters

Leontine: Mmmmmm now what? (she said while thinking)

Terence wakes up and is going to the pixie dust tree while checking on the list, not that long later he noticed Leontine close to the pixie dust tree

Terence: Leo what are you doing here? (he said whispering)
Leontine: i couldn't sleep so i decided to come here on the tree
Terence: why? is something wrong?
Leontine: to be completely honest yeah, i get a bad feeling about what's coming!
Terence: what do you mean about that's coming? (he asked confussed)
Leontine: well something bad is coming and i already informed the other fighter fairy who's in the lost-land
Terence: what is going to come?
Leontine: well i looked up from the sky and there's monsters coming after us sigh
Terence: WHAT? this must be a joke (he's stressed out)
Leontine: sigh i wish it was, it's not a joke
Terence: well i guess we should warn everyone
Leontine: i think we HAVE to,

in that meanwhile jake think up a plan about how to destroy the monsters and inform the other fighter fairy

Jake: Mmmm i have to make a list what i have to bring it with me, and what to do
he make a list, he takes the sword, gets extra pixie dust, use it on his wings, packs up his food and drinks, packs his extra clothes
and inform tiger about everything and get tiger with him, (Tyger has ginger hair and Green eyes)

Jake: Mmmmm i think i have everything, now i'm gonna inform tiger about this
Jake knocks at the door and Tiger answers it
Tiger: oh jake it's nice to see you, what brings you here
Jake: well i have to inform you about something
Tiger: oh you better come in then
Jake: thank you (he said friendly)
Tiger: now what do you need to tell me? (he asked curiously)
Jake: well i got a call from Leontine, our formely enemy
Tiger: what is it? what did she say?
Jake: well it was about the monsters after pixie hollow and she needs our help to destroy them
Tiger: oh wow that's pretty serious, did you packed everything in what you needed
Jake: yes i did, so you should pack everything aswell
Tiger: alright, i'll be on my way then
jake helps Tiger packs everything what he needed and in no time they were ready to go and teleports to go near pixie hollow
Jake: now did you packs everything what you needs?
Tiger: yes, and i'm ready to go, so i hope you are aswell too?
Jake: oh trust me i'm more then ready to go
Tiger: let's go then

in that meanwhile in pixie hollow

Leontine knocks on the door
Tinkerbell: ugh who could it be so early in the morning? (she opens the door)
Leontine: sorry if i woke you up so early in the morning but can we talk in private?
Tinkerbell: oh s-sure this must be serious
Leontine: oh trust me it is
Tinkerbell: oh you better come in then
after Leontine explains the situations to Tink, Leontine decided to hide Tinkerbell inside the tree where Tinkerbell and her friends (Rosetta, Silvermist, iridessa Fawn and Vidia hides when Zarina opened the flower with the poppies that the powers makes everyone sleepy)

Tinkerbell: uhm lee, why do i need to hide at the tree? (she said confussed)
Leontine: trust me with this big peelings, they won't be able to see you
Tinkerbell: i can help you aswell to destroy them, i'm a tinker fairy afterall
Leontine: could be but with this tinkering it takes time when you are finally finished
Tinkerbell: alright fine i stay here
Leontine: good, now stay here and don't going anywhere (she said with a hurry)
Tinkerbell: what are you going to do?
Leontine: to do the right thing and destroy everything
Tinkerbell nodded in a understanding manner but Leontine left Tinkerbell with a cliffhanger
Tinkerbell: Mmmmm why am i not allowed to help, i Always help anyone out, in whatever way it is! (she said while thinking)

fawn wakes up and noticed Leontine NOT in fawn's bed and Tink's other friends wakes up aswell too

Fawn: Mmmmmm where could she be?
Fawn: Mmmmmm i'm going outside

the girls noticed something strange and asked each other about it

Vidia: do you guys noticed something strange?
iridessa: yes i did
Silvermist: so am i
Zarina: are we under attack? if so i can destroy them with different pixie dust colors
Rosetta: i'm afraid so sugarplum.
Vidia: maybe we can do something to destroy them all (she said thinking she knows it and thinking she knows it)
Silvermist: but there are way too many monsters, i don't know if we can destroy them
iridessa: i'm with sil there (she said getting scared)
fawn: GUYS, sorry to interrupt but have any of you see's Leontine?
everyone nodded no
Silvermist: we haven't seen her, what happened there fawn?
Fawn: well let's just say, she just dissapeared when i woke up
Zarina: where could she be?
Fawn: i don't know to be completely honest
iridessa: we could look to the-

Leontine interrupted iridessa's words and answered fawn's question about why she dissapeared and explained everything else
everyone gasped but now atleast they knows why they are under attack and what the fairies can do

Vidia: uhm sorry to interrupt but have you seen Tink? (she said while she's concerned about Tink)
Leontine: yes i did, and she knows about all of it and she's hiding under the tree with the big peelings
Rosetta: oh thank goodness she's safe there
Zarina: we can help you destroy them, i have many pixie dust with difference colors
Leontine: i think it's best if you hide somewhere aswell
iridessa: why do we need to hide, we are natural fairies,
Leontine: even if so there are way to many monsters, and only magical fairies can destroy them
Fawn: i don't believe you but fine we'll hide somewhere
Rosetta: well let's go and hide somewhere girls!
Leontine: i'll take care of it (she nodded)

jake arrives in pixie hollow with tiger and called Leo's name

Leontine: oh my, jake (she said with relief)
Jake: we come to help
Leontine: thanks for coming here guys, i really need your guys help
Tiger: your welcome, let's get the party started i guess!
both of them agreed

the next one is coming

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