Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 12) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 12)


15 May 2020 at 15:27:42 MDT

Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Adventure
we've become at the end of the chapters, so what do you think about the final chapter
so here i am again, good luck reading them

after Tink's friends hides somewhere where it's safe, queen clarion noticed something strange and hides aswell
she don't know Leontine isn't leaving thinking it's too dangerous to be around with when she REALLY has changed
queen clarion is at the pixie dust tree where she's safe

Queen clarion: oh no, i better hide then (she gasped)

while at the winterwoods

Periwinkle: are we safe from here?
Lord milori: don't worry we are safe from here
Spike: pffff i really hope so (she said being pessimistic)
Gliss: what are we gonna do if we are under attack (she said being unsure)
Lord milori: we'll take care of it
Periwinkle: oh my, i hope my sister is alright (she gasped)
Gliss: oh don't worry peri, she's in safe hands (she said trying to calm peri down)
Dewey: oh my, you guys noticed it too huh?
Lord milori: yes unfortunately
Dewey: are we gonna do anything for them?
Lord milori: no we can't do anything, you know it's TOO warm for us to go to pixie hollow, and not even the snow making machine is enough
-since we are gonna run out of it sooner or later, so no we can't do anything to protect or save them
Dewey: ah man it sucks
Spike: great so now pixie hollow is in danger and we can't help them, that's just great (she said being pessimistic)
Periwinkle: oh no my sister is in danger and i don't wanna lose her (she said nearly crying)
Gliss: don't think like that peri, everything is gonna be over before you know it (she said while she placed her hands to peri's arms)
Dewey: she's right, try to be positive and think of the times you had with Tink together and focus on that one
Periwinkle: sigh alright i'll try
Lord milori: yeah i'm pretty sure she's in good hands, everything's gonna be alright

back in pixie hollow the monsters, well MANY monsters are coming to pixie hollow
and Leontine warned everyone on time, well queen clarion found out to herself and hidded somewhere safe

Tinkerbell gets curious and was about to leave the tree but then Leontine caught her

Tinkerbell: i don't know why it takes so damn long? i guess i'm gonna leave and help them
Leontine: whatya gonna do huh? (she pulled Tinkerbell back)
Tinkerbell: AAAAAAAH! you scared the heck out of me!
Leontine: i know what you been up to and i won't let them kill you
Tinkerbell: but what if they kill you? i know how to fix everything
Leontine: no you don't, i warned you about this before!
Tinkerbell: it can't be that bad, and i know you have your magic powers and however but why are you stalking me?

what if i used the toilet or something?Leontine: pfffff trust me i wouldn't want to see that and by the way, yes it is bad do you and the others want to get killed?Tinkerbell: well i'm gonna leave since i don't wanna waitLeontine: no wait, don't get out of here, it's TOO dangerous out there, your safer hereTinkerbell: what is that monster thingy you keeps talking about? (she get more impatient)Leontine: there are monsters nobody but the magical fairies can kill them, non natural and natural fairies can't kill them
the monsters are TOO strong to get killed, if i wasn't there to rescue you all from the spider thing, then you all would be death by nowTinkerbell: Mmmmm everything makes senseLeontine: true, so that's why i warned everyone besides you, so that's why i told you to stay here, so now stay hereTinkerbell: promise me you come back to us in one pieceLeontine nodded
the monsters are in pixie hollow and the 3 fighter fairies are ready to attack them

Jake: you warned them did you?
Leontine: yes don't worry, i warned them all
Tyger: the monsters comes closer and closer
Leontine: well then, let's start fighting and kill them all (she said being sure of it)
Jake: LET'S FIGHT! (he said screaming)

they attacked the monsters and the 3 of them use their powers to destroy them all
and when they all thought they destroys them all, one monster which is the strongest comes closer and closer tinkerbell get outside and the monster was about to kill her but Leontine got her out of the way and she got hit instead and not even the shield helped her or the others

Tinkerbell: oh yes it's over!
Leontine: uhm i don't think it is,
Tyger: woah the monster moves really fast

Monster: MWAAAAAH (he use the ice, also the one elsa from frozen used)
Leontine: oh no, Tink WATCH OUT! (she said getting into a panic)
Tinkerbell: about what? from what? (she said getting scared)
Leontine: LOOK BEHIND YOU! GET OUT OF IT! (she said while flying to her to push her out of the way)
Tinkerbell: AAAAAH!
Leontine: I WON'T LET THE MONSTER KILL YOU! (she said screaming)
Leontine: AAAAAAH! (she pushed Tink out of the way and got hit instead)
Tinkerbell: WHAT? OH NO! (she said when she was about to cry)
Jake and Tyger: oh no, she's frozen and there's no out of it (they said pretty sad)

they got their powers to kill the last monster and join Tinkerbell and her friends when they were all crying

Leontine got frozen (sorta like anna expect she got weaker and weaker after elsa hit her with her ice)
everyone cried, even vidia sobs

Clank: it's so unfortunate that she rescued us but had to take her life instead
Bobble: i know right, now we can't thank her for saving us and the whole pixie hollow
Tinkerbell: oh no, it's my fault, if i was still hidding under the tree then none of this was happening to her
Rosetta: oh tink don't be like this, we all thought it was over (she said comforting her)
Tinkerbell: but still, it's my fault
Silvermist: come on sweetheart no one could prevented this, it was going to happen anyway
iridessa: yeah don't beat yourself up over it
Tinkerbell: sigh you are probably right

all of tink's friends were comforting each other, but then something was gonna happen to Leontine

everyone sobs,

and the ice melted to Leontine and she's back alive again and asked if everyone was crying about her death,
while Tinkerbell cried to Leontine while flying to her when she was frozen, the ice melted and everyone was happy she's alive again
Tinkerbell: oh Leo? (they hugged each other)
Leontine: oh Tink?
Tinkerbell: you risked yourself for me?
Leontine: of course i had to, besides i had to make it up to you all and did something in return
Tinkerbell: wow that's very brave of you to do that

tink's friends hugged her aswell for saving everyone's life in pixie hollow when pixie hollow was in danger (well actually it was a group hugs)
and everyone else was happy aswell
Clank: i want to say thank you for saving pixie hollow
Bobble: yes, you were one of the strongest we've ever met
Leontine: thank you i guess (she said being thankfull to everyone and with relief)

iridessa: what you did was amazing

everyone talks through till queen clarion arrived and tells her what she needs to say

Queen clarion: get attention everyone! i want to say something to Leontine infront of everyone
Leontine: oh uhm, am i in trouble again? because i just- (Queen clarion interrupt Leontine's words)
Queen clarion: i wanted to apologize for doubted you, i know by now that you have changed but i couldn't see it for myself till now
Leontine: oh uhm it was nothing i should've leave like you said but i didn't listen to you (she said with realizing and with regrets)
Queen clarion: oh no it's alright, i wanted to thank you for saving pixie hollow and get others to help and telling everyone to hide
Leontine: no problem, it was not a problem at all, i did what i had to do and do the right thing this time without the killing
Queen clarion: well i do have a offer for you what you like your whole life but never did it, expect a few times
Leontine: woah, you mean...i'll have an duel? (she said with a surprise and with enthusiasm)

Queen clarion nodded

Leontine: WHAT! (she said with happiness)
Queen clarion: right here, right now!
Leontine: oh my god, i never got a offer like this (she cried with happiness)
Tinkerbell and her friends were happy too that Leontine got that offer

Queen clarion: what are we waiting for! i'll invite everyone including the winter fairies

a couple of hours later Leontine had changed her clothes by her transformation, her hair however is still the same and everyone got involved
and she figured who she was gonna pick out from her duel, and that one was Rumble who doesn't want to lose the duel
Clank and Bobble starts the duel on their way to the balloon and whistling

Leontine: are you ready to fight? because i sure am! (she said with exciting)
Rumble: oh absolutely
Leontine: if you think you're strong then show it to me and i'll beat your ass (she said challenge him)
Rumble: oh i can say the same thing to you, (he said thinking he's better then everyone and use his quote by saying one for the thumb)
Leontine: glad we have something in common (she said by making fun of Rumble)
Rumble: it's not funny, i wanna win (he said starting to get irritated)
Leontine: so do i but i won't say anything about it since i'm positive about myself unlike you!
Rumble: we are on a challenge so, so i'm more then ready for an fight to use my power
Leontine: so do i, so in that case THE GAME IS ON! (she said being positive)

Bobble: well as we know they got a challange to each other to see who's the strongest from pixie hollow
Clank: and they are more then ready to use their talent to use their powers to each other to see who wins this duel
Bobble: and as we know, we got once the pixie hollow games but we NEVER got a duel and we are more then happy to experience like that

and if one of them gives up the other one is the winner and get the price from the duel for being be a good fighter so-Clank: LET'S THE DUEL BEGIIIIIIIIIIN!Bobble: Clank! everytime i wanna finish it you start it too earlyClank: sorry bobble i just got TOO excited
when the fight starts the music starts too, they use their powers and they always found their way to avoid the attacks
till a couple of minutes later when Rumble loses

Leontine catch Rumble and throws him on the ground and there was no way out of it anymore

Leontine: HEYA!
Rumble: ouch that hurts
Leontine: are you giving up on me now (she said while she maked fun of him)
Rumble: ugh you are too strong, yeah i give up
Queen clarion: and the winner of the duel from the pixie hollow is...LEONTINE

Leontine was very happy, everyone came to Leontine to Congratulate her and got the price

Leontine: oh wow i got the price!
Rumble: oh dammit, the quotes always helped me, expect the last time
Leontine: oh yeah hahahahahah, my friends told me, Rosetta beated you up at the end of the race (she laughed Rumble out)
Rumble i think i give up with everything since i can't beat everyone

Leontine walks to lord milori knowing about his broken wing

Leontine: Lord milori (she said friendly)
Lord milori: what is it?
Leontine: you have a broken wing right?
Lord milori: yes that's correct
Leontine: well i wanna let you know that i can fix that
Lord milori: how? nobody told me it gets healed
Leontine: that's true but i can heal your wings
Lord milori: how?
Leontine: by showing how big your other wing is (she said checking on his other wing that isn't broken and she use her magic to heal his wing)

everyone are surprised about how she can heal his wing

Zarina: how do she doing that?
Tinkerbell: well i don't exactly know, i was lucky i was related to peri or otherwise my wings got never healed
iridessa: exactly
Queen clarion: wow your wings got healed, (Lord milori is trying to fly)
Leontine: wow it actually worked (she said with)
Queen clarion and Lord milori kissed each other and everyone was happy

and so this comes to an end and they lives a happily live
the song fits with the duel (when Rumble and Leontine use their powers to each other)

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