Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 10) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 10)


15 May 2020 at 15:22:12 MDT

Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Adventure
Leontine is gonna rest a bit when she arrived in pixie hollow,
she however hide somewhere were it's less noticeable so here i come

Leontine: i guess that's pixie hollow?
Leontine: well i guess so, i flew to the troll bridge and then i flied to the big ocean so i suppose this is pixie hollow (she said thinking)
Leontine: oh well i'm gonna rest a bit! (she was looking for the blanket)

the other morning when it's daylight again

Leontine: well i guess i should apologize to them for what i did (she said while she reminds the words of jake in her head)
Leontine: i guess i should teleport myself since i don't know where tink lives

a few moments later

Tinkerbell wakes up, zarina, Rosetta and Terence are with her

Tinkerbell: ugh what happend? (she said confussed)
Rosetta: you had a brain damage honey (she answered with a soft voice)
Tinkerbell: i'm so confussed about everything! (she said being scared and try not to lose temper)
Terence: you don't remember? we saw something strange from pixie hollow and we had to go and had to leave pixie hollow
Zarina: we were attacked and a bad fairy saved us, who then tried to knock me out but you pushed me away and got knocked out instead
Rosetta: yes we had to get you to the healing talent, and they said you have a little brain damage, so we knew you might be confussed
Terence: but the important is your okay (he said with relief)
Zarina: you however needs to rest a bit though, how much you want to keep yourself busy
Terence: i'll clean up your room, keep the house warm and everything else, like usual when your very busy or needs to rest
Tinkerbell: ugh fine fine, i'll do it for you guys (she groaned)

knock knock

Rosetta: uhm guys there's someone at the door
Terence: i'll answer that

terence opened the door and saw there was a mean fairy or atleast WAS a mean fairy who knocked tink out that was meant to zarina

Leontine:h..h..hi g..g...guys (she said being nervous and stuttering)
Zarina: what are you doing here? do you have the cuts to show up while earlier you wanted to kill us? (she said getting mad)
Leontine: are the others here aswell? i have something to say to everyone who was involved with this!
Terence: how can we be so sure we can trust you and not doing anything stupid again like the last time? (he said carefully and not so sure about all of this)
Rosetta: whatever it is, it better be good, there will be no more dying here (she said concerned since tinkerbell was almost dead if it weren't to tink's friends)
Leontine: well...yes i come here for a very good reason (she said trying to stay calm)
Tinkerbell: well in that case if you really mean it, then i can call my friends (she was almost about to forgive Leontine for what she did)

Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Adventure
here comes the part Leontine is gonna tell Tinkerbell and her friends the truth and what her history is

Tinkerbell called her friends over via message and told them it's important
awhile later they showed up to tink's house wondering what this is about

iridessa: okay tink what is this about? (she said worriedly)
Tinkerbell: well there's someone here who wants to apologize
Vidia: i don't know about this (she said light irritated)
Rosetta: it might be important honey so we should listen what she has to say
Fawn: well go on right ahead then
Leontine: first of all i wanted to say how sorry i am for causing problems
truth is i was always like that and didn't give a fuck about anything or anyone,
when i was born i was a loner and eventually got used to it about being be alone, i didn't want anyone being be around
i was an anti-fairies and an anti-animal so when anyone came to me or near me i was about to kill everyone

she tried to keep calm but she eventually starts to cry and sobs a bit while telling this

everyone gasped hearing all of it
Leontine:yes so i was about to kill everyone, i did however killed a few animals but didn't had any regrets
i was dangerous to be around, i'm a fighter fairy and one of the strongest fairy in neverland so i didn't said it for nothing about my warnings to leave the lost-land
i treated everyone bad all the time, i expresses my emotions with anger so that might says something about nearly killed you both (she pointed at zarina and Tinkerbell)
Zarina & Tinkerbell: that makes sense (they said in realistic)
Leontine: i also find food and drinks in weird ways just to survives it on my own
and...and...and i know this is a lose lose situation for me (she starts to cry)
i made many bad mistakes my entire life since day 1 i was born, i threatened everyone bad, i'm a murderer and i was selfish all the time
yesterday at night and the other night ago i cut myself to my face and arms because i hated myself for everything (she sobs)
when i look at myself i think of everything that has happening and beat myself up, it's so messed up and i hate it, i hate thinking about it now
nobody knows how much guilts i'm carry and regrets everything i had done, how much i hate myself for what i did, for everything i did
i'm trying to redeem myself but i don't think i ever will, i can't change the past but i sure can change the future
i'm trying to get better, changing into a better person but i need to work on it since i was never like that
i'm not trying to sell you guys some shitty sob story to get you guys to forgive me, because you shouldn't forgive me
nobody should, as if i deserve it, but i'm just sigh i want you guys to know that i regret it, i regret it so much
well i guess i should leave now (she said in tears and sobbing)

Tinkerbell: wait, hold on how did you got away with the scars? (she said with concerned)
Leontine: no it's not from make-up like most girls do, i have magic hands so i can heal myself but also the others
Tinkerbell: well i forgive you and i'm willing to help you (while she flies closer to Leontine)
Terence: i forgive you aswell, and besides everyone makes mistakes, nobody is perfect
Zarina: well atleast you try to get better and change for the better
Rosetta: well bad stuff happen to all of us sugar (she said in a motherly tone)
Fawn: we all forgive you hun
iridessa: atleast now you can protect us from the monsters since you wanna change for the better (she smiled)
Leontine: phew what a relieve
Vidia: you know, you reminds me of myself when i was like that, till a couple of years ago, expect i didn't killed anyone,
so of course i'm more then willing to help you change for the better and of course i forgive you since you were being honest and telling us the truth
Silvermist: just one question though, how come you were cutting yourself? (she said concerned)
Leontine: well like i said i couldn't look to myself without everything that has happening about everything,
and before i cut myself, i got dejavu's and flashbbacks i never had before so i thought by hurting myself i would feel better, but i felt worse instead
Silvermist: you shouldn't cut yourself just to feel better buttercup
Rosetta: yes like she said (pointing to Silvermist) you think you feels better but you don't, it's an addicted thing and it's hard to get rid of it
Leontine: i figured you would say that sigh
Tinkerbell: and please don't ever thinking of killing yourself, i know you are a good person deep inside
iridessa: now let's get you cleaned up
Rosetta: you can use my washcloth, make the washcloth wet and clean your face a bit

Leontine cleans her face

iridessa: where did you sleep last night? (she said worriedly)
Leontine: after i arrived in pixie hollow i slept outside, in a area less fairies are coming
Fawn: woah i won't let you sleep there again, you can sleep at my home as long as you want
Leontine: y. would really do that?
Fawn: yeah it's not a problem to me (she said while cheering Leontine up)
Silvermist: we never catch your name, though, i'm silvermist
Leontine: i'm Leontine and the meaning of it is: as strong and smart as a lion so i might still acts like that
Tinkerbell: i'm Tinkerbell, and this is Terence who's next to me
Terence: despites the circumstances, it's a pleasure to meet you
Rosetta: i'm Rosetta but some fairies calls me Ro for short and this is Fawn
iridessa: i'm iridessa
Vidia: i'm Vidia and you might have guessed what my talent is and this is Zarina over there
Leontine: it's nice to meet all of you,
Tinkerbell: wait...what will queen clarion thinking?
Silvermist: i think she would understand if we tell her the truth and let her in
Leontine: uh oh i don't think she would forgive me since i was once here long time ago
Zarina: what, but how?
Leontine: remember when i told you about many bad things i did? well i did once nearly killed the ministers and queen clarion when i didn't want to had anything to do with the fairies or the animals, i was hoping i could replace it and be the boss of everything,

she then kicked me out and everyone use their talents to get me out of there, and i meant all of it together so i got out after i couldn't handle all of it anymoreVidia: you don't know that kiddo, the past is the past and she might has forgotten about it alreadyLeontine: i don't believe it, and what if she might NOT be forgotten (she said stressing out)Vidia: look i was once a bad fairy too, i was selfish aswell, maked fun of everyone, and wanted to be alone, kinda like you,till i accidently put someone in danger on the mainland, and ever since then i've changed for the better, and i keep getting bettereven though i can be snarky at the times, don't think for the worse that might or might not be happening or else you get nothing in life(she said trying to calm Leontine down)Leontine: i hope your right about queen clarion going to forgive meRosetta: we can show you around pixie hollow shall we? (she said smiling)iridessa: i can't see why notLeontine: alright
i have to think up the next chapter, i guess i'm gonna brainstorm myself

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