Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 9) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 9)


15 May 2020 at 15:18:04 MDT

Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Adventure
Leontine is making up a plan while talking to herself, i'll see how it ends though

Leontine still cries in the mirror and is talking to herself how much quilt she's carrying and never showed her actual emotions and only dealt with a anger side of her because she was ALWAYS a loner and never wanted anyone around her whole life

Leontine: i never regret about something before, nobody knows how i feel at the moment now and nobody will sigh
Leontine: oh no what have i done? i nearly killed Tinkerbell!
(cries in the mirror and she overheard the blonde fairy's name when she knocked tink out that was meant for zarina)
Leontine:i need to think up a plan to apologize to them, but how? (she's brainstorming herself)

at midnight when everyone is asleep she get nightmares and decided to hurt herself again
expect she cut herself in the arms this time

Leontine: i deserve it anyway, i don't deserve to be alive, i only hurt the others my entire life!

she decided to go outside and relax at the ocean for awhile after she drinks something

leontine: it's the first time i'm that calm at the ocean, without monsters everywhere and without me getting angry in about everything!

awhile later at her home

Leontine: i think i'm gonna heal myself before jake or anyone else notice my cuts (she touch her arms with her hands and it gets healed)
Leontine: it's gonna be a long trip to the neverland where other fairies lives so i grab some of my pixie dust on my wings but before i leave i need some advices from jake how
to apologize to them all (she said with a neutral voice)

she knocks at jake's door for some advices
jake opens the door and asks her what's the matter

Jake: hey leo what's the matter? can i help you with something?
Leontine: i need your advice about something
Jake: alright about what if you won't mind me asking?
Leontine: well it's about how i can apologize to the fairies i threatened to leave the lost-land but ignored my warnings a few days ago
Jake: tell them your really sorry for what you did but you also work on your personality to change into a better person

you however needs to stay calm, not getting angry or doing something stupid just because of the bad mistakes you did the whole lives
Leontime: i'll try not to lose my temper, do you have more advices or what to expect?
Jake: well you starts by that your feeling sorry, you can't change the past but you can change the future, so you can tell them that you messed up everything
but you wanna change into a better person, but don't beg them to forgive you or trying to sell them some shitty sob story to forgive you
but you can start by by saying sorry, but it won't be easy that they're gonna forgive you so don't be hard on yourself if they can't forgive you!
Leontine: alright thanks for your advices and giving me feedbacks, i think i can take it from hereJake: your welcome (they waved to each other)
in that meanwhile with Tinkerbell

Terence: i hope she'll wake up soon, i can't live without her, i miss her laugh, i miss the mess we made to each other when we spend the time with each other
Silvermist: still no results i see? (she says with a soft voice and knocked at tink's door)
Terence: sign nope, i wish she'll wake up soon
Silvermist: aw don't give up and feeling sorry for yourself (she support him and hold her hand over his shoulder)
Terence: i'm not feeling sorry for myself, i'm just honest (he said being sad)
Silvermist: i'm sure she'll wake up at any moment now, we just needs to be patient and wait
Terence: i'm sorry, it's just so hard without her, what i'm i supposed to do without her?
Silvermist: listen terence, i get your upset, i am too and so does our friends but don't be so negative about all of this (she said calmly)
Terence: how are we in a mess in the first place?
Silvermist: shit happens to all of us, just keep calm and think of good times you were having with tink so you'll see the positive side of it
Terence: sign yeah your right

in that meanwhile with tink's other friends

clank: how is miss bell doing!
Fawn: she's gonna be fine, she just needs to rest a bit
Bobble: oh thank goodness
Periwinkle: how did this happend? (she said while having ice of snow with the snow making machine)
Vidia: well let's just say we bumped into a fairy after she saved us with the spiders but we didn't listen to her warnings and knocked tink out
Zarina: it was meant to me but tink pushed me out of it and got unconscious, we rushed to the doctor
Rosetta: yes so that's what happens!
Periwinkle: is anyone with her at the moment? (peri wonders)
iridessa: yes terence is with her for now
Periwinkle: oh wow that must be hard for him
Bobble: indeed, he takes good care of her
iridessa: oh no i hope h...h...he won't p. out (she said nervously)
Rosetta: calm down sugar, she's gonna be fine (she calms iridessa down)
iridessa: i hope your right
Fawn: c'mon dess, you know him, he takes good care of himself and tink always survive the dangerous adventures, even the lost pirate ship (she tries being optimistic)
Periwinkle: oh yeah she has told me that when tink and i met each other back at the winter woods
Vidia: it's been obvious terence has feelings for her and yet she's the only one who doesn't know about it
Fawn: i know right, she's too blind to see it
everyone agrees

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