Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 2) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 2)


15 May 2020 at 14:38:58 MDT

back at tink's home with terence

Terence: hey tink i need to ask you something!
Tinkerbell: what is it? (she wonders)
Terence: will they be more adventure in pixie hollow or the Mainland?
Tinkerbell: i don't know, i mean i got the most adventures here and on the Mainland and i love adventures!
Terence: yes i know, the first time i was with you, maybe not the whole adventure since i figured out where you went one day while apologizing
but i tagged along, and hey you got help from blaze who you met during your adventure (he smiled at tink)

Tinkerbell: yes i remember he was a big help, i was confussed after i lost the ballon, i was tired, thirsty, hungry and i got lost
but blaze was able to help me and called the animals to get me some eat, drinks and find the way out i was looking for
then i was able to know how to walk all the way to the lost pirate ship with blaze, although when i was all the way to the los pirate ship i bumped into 2 monsters
the one when lyria the storyteller told us all that you have to pay for it, they got into a fight right infront of me and blaze
blaze gave me the sign to sneak off and run to the troll bridge, and when i was out of the troll bridge i finally found the lost pirate ship

Terence: and then you go in and you had to found the mirror huh? i mean the storyteller on theatre told us once that the last wish was lost and that the pirate ship got broken
and was in peaces, but you made it this far, i'm proud of you (terence smiled)

Tinkerbell: thanks terence, and yes i had to after the storyteller told the past how the fairy got killed, i survived all this (tink smiled)
Terence: so did i, you were very Lucky i found the ballon or else nobody could find you or even me,
haha it's a good thing i flew out of pixie dust on the lost pirate ship or else i wasn't able to find you on time (terence smiled)

Tinkerbell: and you decided to go into the lost pirate ship huh? (she paused after that)
well in that case i was more then happy that i wasn't the only one in the lost pirate ship with blaze, i was so happy when you say we were still friends and forgive each other
for the things we have done, i know by now that you was actually trying to help me but was everyone looking for you aswell? (tinkerbell asked)

Terence: they didn't knew i was gone aswell too but fairy gary told me after this adventure everyone was looking for me aswell too
Tinkerbell: they did? i didn't know!
Terence: i think they eventually knew the reason why i was gone too, and without me and blaze you wasn't able to fix the moonstone and the scepter on time! (he smiled)
Tinkerbell: oh terence i really appreciated your help, i love spending the time with you (she smiled)
Terence: i love it too but how did the other adventure goes? i mean on the Mainland, and in pixie hollow? (terence asked and wonders)

Tinkerbell: well... on the Mainland right after you flew away to take care of the other camps i talked to myself about hoping to find some lost things
vidia caught me and warned me about human's house, she stayed me out of trouble when she caught me again.
Terence: Mmmmm interesting! and after she accidently put you in danger she called for help huh? (he's thinking out loud)
Tinkerbell nodded: yes exactly, i didn't know she was calling for help, i thought she went back to fairy camp and do her things as usual
and she probably thought i was captured for that long when lizzy let me go, out of the cage

Terence: and you spend a lot of times with lizzy?
Tinkerbell: yes that's true. vidia told me one day on her way to me that she regretted her actions and i understand now that she teached me a lesson how dangerous
-human's can be. she actually tried to get me out from the fairy house lizzy maked, i thought she didn't mean it but she actually does,
sigh i should've listen to her

Terence: hey hey don't blame yourself for it, she was actually trying to help you even though she didn't show it at first
but when your friends were taking care of the cat she was going upstairs and it's a good thing too or else she wasn't able to save you but got captured instead
Tinkerbell: i know i shouldn't have to beat myself up over this but still. but after she maked it up to me i did something in return and saved her to get the car stopped
and after that we putted our past behind it and became friends!

Terence: and then when lizzy's dad was telling story's about fairies i sat next to you
Tinkerbell: yes that's true, i can't believe lizzy's dad didn't believed in fairies at first, but at the same time if it weren't for vidia taking me back to stay out of trouble
i would've been captured by lizzy's dad already when i was about to speak up to lizzy's dad, i know i didn't show it to her but i'm glad she was there the whole time with me
till lizzy put me into a cage when the cat attacked me

Tinkerbell: you remember periwinkle right? my twin sister?
Terence: yes i do, why? (he asked)
Tinkerbell: well before queen clarion broke the rules i wondered how winter Woods would be like, even fawn told me about the winter Woods how cold it could be.
i helped fawn to help the animals cross when she warned to us that the rabbit was after the butterfly close to my home, i wanted to help her
and when we were to the autumn Woods we helped the animals cross but when all the animal crossed i wanna feel how could it would be like
and well my wings were sparkling, nobody understood why, not even fawn who was with me the whole time
she rushed me to the healing talent, not that long later my friends came over too i know by now that my wings sparkles when peri is nearby

Terence: and you decided to do something that covers your wings just so you get to the winter Woods huh? clank and bobble caught you
when you was about to go to the winterwoods? (he wondered)

Tinkerbell: yes that's true but they kept it as a secret when fairy mary keep an eye on these 2
and the owl who took me to the winter Woods was a new comer and didn't know how to land so the book accidently fell,
i sneaked off just to find the book and when i was about to pick it up, lord milori caught it

Terence: and then you got somewhere where dewey was writting a book and periwinkle got into a panic telling him her friends didn't believed her about the sparkling?
Tinkerbell: yes just like i had, and then both our wings were sparkling, dewey saw me and then peri and i met each other for the first time
we had to stand in the snowflake thing and had to hit to wings to the clouds he was showing to both me and periwinkle,

Terence: and that's how you spended the time with her the whole time huh?
Tinkerbell: yes that's true, she showed me around and met her friends spike and gliss, and we went ice-slidding, peri and i even went ice-skating
we told our history to each other, and at her house we asked questions and it turned out we have tons of things in common
but the ice melted on her house when i maked myself warm in fire, i got my nearly death experience but dewey was there on time with the tiger
and told us we should never see each other again but i could tell he wasn't happy about me and periwinkle not seeing each other again
but i got a plan and after that i woke clank and bobble up and clank brought my friends over to help me and how i met my sister there

Terence: and then your friends surprises peri on their skills huh?
Tinkerbell: yes, she didn't knew my friends were surprising her, rosetta gave periwinkle a flower who has the same name as her,
you know how the other stuff went right?

Terence: yes i do, you and your friends saved periwinkle from her wings, you was so sad that you wasn't able to see her again and so did peri
after lord milori confronted you, periwinkle and your friends from crossing the border,
vidia stayed near you the whole time to make sure you're alright, after you 2 carried peri's arms on the way to the
winter woods and then she took you to the autumn Woods and even tried to comforted you to go home

and because of lord milori the damage was already done when you all pushed the making machine,
and it's a good thing you called the winter fairies to help on your own by saving the pixie dust tree or else the pixie dust tree would've stopped working
sure it was sad to see your wings broken but it got healed from your sister right? you know how to fix things just like all the tinkers does
i know most of it! (he smiled at tink)

Tinkerbell: that's a relieve, you do remember zarina stole the blue pixie dust and that she switched me and my friends talents?
Terence: yes i remember (he answered)
Tinkerbell: but what you didn't know was that there were pirates on the waterfall, and she worked with them the whole time
but when she taught them everything the pirates didn't need her anymore and got captured, and we were able to save her
we went after the pirates before they could reach the second star, and that was when we got the blue pixie dust back
without you all knowing it was gone, i'm glad she could take our own talents back

Terence: wow that was interesting
Tinkerbell: i know right! i also had a small adventure with fawn with the clouds being green, i was able to warn her about the scouts who was coming
after gruff, fawn, me and my friends were able to free him from the ropes, and fawn was a hero because she saved pixie hollow
although it was said that she died from the impact but gruff has a stored lighting to bring fawn back to live
nyx thought he was a threat but he showed everyone otherwise, fawn did knew at the very start and got along with him,
these 2 destroyed some flowers when she was helping him with the towers, she also showed me a hawk at her house so i got terrified
because we all know they eat fairies, but i kept it as a secret even though i disagree with her

Tinkerbell: she putted us in danger when there were more Hawks who was coming after us, thank goodness nyx saved me when i was helping the animals
to save them from the Hawks because a hawk was just about to eat me

Terence: Mmmmm you got tons of adventure, and i missed most of it out!

Tinkerbell: don't worry terence you can come with me and my friends when something bad is happening, zarina can tag along too (tink comfort him)

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