Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 3) by Sailorplanet97

Tinkerbell And The Mysterious Adventure (chapter 3)


15 May 2020 at 14:41:03 MDT

Tinkerbell comforted terence earlier, they were eating diner together at her home, they drinked tea together
Terence cleaned her room while she's tinkering again after their conversations about tink's adventure terence was asking her.

she answered all his questions, tinkerbell finally finished tinkering.

Tinkerbell: well i finally finished tinkering and it's really big!
Terence: haha well it's beautifull, where is this big basket for?
Tinkerbell: well, to help the animals making sure they are safe
Terence: and do you have saving how you can do that? (terence wonders)
Tinkerbell: yes! the animals are safe with the blue berry, i discovered it from fawn when she brought a baby hawk at her home
Terence: oh wow that's creative of fawn
Tinkerbell: exactly (she nodded)
Terence: well since we spended the time with each other and you're finally done finished tinkering i think i should go home!
Tinkerbell: alright terence see ya soon! (she smiled)

1 day has passed and this time fawn get the chance to ask tink about something!

Fawn: tink, (tinkerbell opened the door)
Tinkerbell: hey fawn do you need something you had to ask earlier?
Fawn: yes, in person! so can i go inside?
Tinkerbell: sure come in! so what is it that i need to do?
Fawn: can you... (she paused at the moment) i don't have to ask you that! (she say it in happiness)
Tinkerbell: is it about the baskets? i recently finished it, i offered it from fairy mary though and i couldn't say no to that, so here i am (with a nervous smile face)
fawn: oh thank you tink (she hugged tink tight)
Tinkerbell: no problem fawn, i didn't knew it came from you till now
Fawn: oh finally, now i can take the animals to the baskets to make sure they are safe (she said it with enthusiastic)
Tinkerbell: good luck keeping the animals safe fawn
fawn: will do!

Tinkerbell got the time to spend the time to collects lost thing she can find and maybe even visits periwinkle

Tinkerbell: Mmmmmm maybe i can collects lost things what i can found on the beach

she was looking everywhere to find some lost things but there was nothing to find by so far

Tinkerbell: oh well i can visit periwinkle to talk about some stuff,

she put on her jacket and see periwinkle in the winter Woods to talk about some stuff
a while later she arrive at peri's home and knocked on the door, she then answered it
one of the winter fairies hit her wings to keep it safe!

Periwinkle: hey tink, nice to see you (she said it with a smile)
Tinkerbell: yes me too, i thought i could keep you company since we haven't see each other for a while
Periwinkle: oh alright, what do you wanna do?
Tinkerbell: well maybe we could be ice skating?
Periwinkle: great idea, we can do that!
Tinkerbell: alright, let's go then

they spended the time with each other, they talked about some stuff, how the winter fairies and warm fairies are doing, just like usual
but then of course tinkerbell has to go home eventually!

Tinkerbell was just about to go home after spending the time with her twin sister
but then tink's friend were waiting on her on her way home
on the meanwhile tink's friends ask where tink might could be

Silvermist: where could tink be? (she wonders)
iridessa: maybe she's with terence?
Fawn: i doubt it, i saw her earlier when terence was gone and when i was at the pixie dust tree to get some pixie dust, tink wasn't there (she answers sil's question)
vidia: maybe she could be with periwinkle?
Rosetta: oh yeah i almost forgot that part, great idea

Tinkerbell flew by and they wanted to surprise her by spending the time with her because of her hard works

everyone: SURPRISE!
Tinkerbell: what are you doing here close to my home? (tink wonders with happiness)
Rosetta: we have a surprise for you because you deserve it (she smiled and with happiness)
Tinkerbell: oh what kind of a surprise?
Silvermist: you'll see sweetheart!
Tinkerbell: oh i love surprisess (she said it in happiness)
Fawn: i give you a hint, it's not at your home but somewhere else, now follow us!
Tinkerbell: oh alright sounds fun!
Vidia: now close your eyes miss-spare-parts!

they went to the beach where she usually collects lost things!

iridessa: well tink here it is! (she smiled at tink)
Rosetta: now open your eyes Sugar!
Tinkerbell: wow, (she looked everywhere)
Tinkerbell: you did all of this just for me?
Fawn: yup because you deserves after your hard work
Vidia: you did everything to us, not only just tinkering and giving good idea's but also the rescueing aswell from everything so we thought we do something in return
(she flies close to tink and gave her a pat on the back)

Tinkerbell: wow i love it! (she said in happiness)
Silvermist: we did everything just to make you happy, the foods is here, the drinks, and we set everything up here, the chairs, table and everything else
iridessa: we also asked clank and bobble aswell to set everything up here, now let's eat shall we
Tinkerbell: your right! and what are we waiting for? (she said it with enthousiastic)

they were eating the warm foods and tinkerbell really enjoying it spending the times with her friends
in that meanwhile her friends were asking her questions as to where she was gone to!

Vidia: you was visitting periwinkle didn't you? (she wonders)
Tinkerbell: yes i was at her house
Rosetta: aw and what did you guys do! (she asked with a smile)
Tinkerbell: we went ice-skating and then we talked about stuff, you know? as usual how you guys are doing and how peri's friends were doing!
iridessa: Mmmmmmm i see (thinking it out loud)
Fawn: and how was it with terence? (with enthousiastic)
Rosetta: seriously fawn? (she and everyone else looked att fawn)
Tinkerbell: no no it's okay ro! we where doing fine, he kept me company
Vidia: i know i said it before but you should stop tinkering so much because you will be exhausted with over-working (she gave her a pat on the back again)

tinkerbell disagree with vidia at first, but then she thinks about it and told everyone she's right

Tinkerbell: well i stop now don't you? wait... sigh your right!
Vidia: i'm Always right tink
iridessa: yeah she got a point tink
Fawn: yeah promise us you spend the time with us alright? i mean a few years ago on the theatre you were exhausted of your over-working and i don't
-want it to happen to you again, even fairy mary saw you passing out, so deal?
Tinkerbell: sigh deal

after the conversations and spend the time with each other (all 6 of them) together, everyone but tink cleaned everything
and put everything where it was from before

Tinkerbell: well i love spending the time with you, but i need to get home
Silvermist: alright buttercup!
everyone: stay safe

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