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Considering Offering commission work

on 26 December 2015 at 22:41:31 MST

I am now considering offering commission work. At this point i am comfortable enough with my own skill that I may be doing commissions soon. When I am not sure yet. If i was to do commissions i would be open to do a fair amount. I am not unopposed to doing porn, but my experience on the subject is quite limited, and I wouldn't do some of the more odd fetishes, because they might disgust me or i have absolutely no knowledge on them. I don't think i would be that guy to add on an extra porn fee though.

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Commission Information

Icons - $3-$5, Halfbody $5-$12, Full Body $7.50-$27
$ 3.00

Additional info 1:

I have a bit of a unique method when it comes to my drawings. I use Blender created 3D models to assist in my drawings, as such I do not have the typical sketch phase that most other artists have. When you ask for a commission, I will pick a model out of my existing stock that is the closest to your character, set it in the desired pose, and send you a picture of that pose for confirmation. These models are quite basic, and their NSFW bits are showing. Payment of a commission must be sent after you confirm the pose, otherwise I will not start drawing.

Additional info 2:

Since my characters generally lack boobs, I am not the best when it comes to drawing them, so just keep this in mind, especially if you want to ask me to draw a character with enormous tits.

Additional info 3.

Be sure to specify if a character has normal thickness fur for their species or if their fur is basically colored skin and wouldn't have much fur texture.

Additional info 4.

I wont do a pic with a clean white background unless you ask, but these backgrounds are normally very simple, as seen in the headshot and half body pics, those are going to be the default background images I do, unless you ask for something different. Very simple backgrounds like that however don't incur a cost, but backgrounds more complex than that do.

Additional info 5.
Reference sheets are very helpful, provide them if you have them.

Additional info 6.

I may have a lot of trouble with species that are too different from the 3d models I have now. Species that I can do proficiently are Felines, Canines, Foxes, Red panda's, Squirrels, Bears, Weasels, Raccoons, Skunks, otters, and mongoose. Species with similar body plans to those I should be able to adapt to fairly easily. Species that are significant different from any of the above I will have difficulty with, unless the character in question has basically a human body with the ears, tails and fur color of whatever animal they are an Anthro of. So its best for the moment to not ask me to do things like reptiles, birds, or ungulates unless they are of the very humanoid variety. Straight human characters I am also not super proficient at, and not helped by the fact that I don't have a Human male 3d model to work off of. Likewise I am not very good with the feral animal types either.

Additional Info 7.

Upon completion I will send you a full resolution PNG image through whatever means you want and I can do. I actually prefer that you repost the image on your own DA or FA accounts if you have them with a link to my own, basically for additional exposure. Unless you ask for an image with multiple characters, It will generally take me less than 3 hours to finish a pic once I get started, But when I start depends on how big of a backlog I have and available time. I am not working right now so I do have a lot of free time available.


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