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3d Loona by ryuukei8569

3d Loona


here is a 3d model of Loona from helluva boss, in all her fluffy glory. She is cute, even if she doesn't like to admit it.

I tried to make it as accurate as possible to her design but converting a very stylized 2d drawn character to 3d is very difficult. It also doesn't help that her design is not super consistent. Like whether her legs and arms have dark fur markings fr if they are actual leggings. One episode suggest that she wears leggings and fingerless gloves, while another episode makes it clear that the leggings are just her fur marking. I went with making it part of her fur as it makes her fur pattern more interesting.

Of course I dont have her usual outfit yet since I'm not that good with clothes in blender.

Like with Adira, Loona is available for download on my patreon for $20 tier contributors.

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