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It's pronounced RUBY-YOTE. Not RUB-YOTE.
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Hello everyone! I'm Ruby Coyote, an Orlando fur who's just getting used to this site!

Please message me with any tips on using the site or if you'd like to get to know me. I'm here to get to know you all and hopefully make some awesome new friends.



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Scared of FWA [RANT/VENT]

on 24 February 2014 at 20:38:15 MST

So, I put on my twitter (@RubyCoyote) that I am somewhat scared to go to FWA. I feel explaining it on Twitter wouldn't be easy so I'm just going to vent here.

I'm scared because of how many people are going and how I am going to be forcing myself not to stick to the people I know from Florida. I wish I could hang out with them but I just don't know what I would possibly do to keep from being annoying. I somewhat predict me only leaving the room every once in a while so I don't seriously panic when I am out.

I wish I could just hang out with the people I know but I know they can only handle me just… standing there for only an hour or two. Just thinking about it makes my skin crawl. I really think I should have waited and chosen a smaller first con, like Megaplex… I guess it's really really too late for that.

I don't know how people work at cons, considering I've never been to a con. I think if anyone will need me, I'll try to stay in the pool or something. Even if it is FREEZING. I love pools and that would be a place where I would be completely comfortable. So, fun fact. You want to get to know me any? Get to know me in a pool setting.

I'm rambling. Okay. I'm just trying to get over this anxiety of all those people and not really being able to rely on the friends I already know and love…

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