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Aliens are all that matter to me

Writer and Illustrator for: Extraordinary Adventures of Kai'pa and Dacava

Illustration major at studying at Columbus College of Art and Design
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Hey, knowing i'm open for commissions, i just want to give you guys a little heads up. Please, i beg of you, be respectful of my time management. I am juggling 3 things. Art School Assignments, Comic Work and these commissions. I need a bit of extra money so i can go forth with getting an actual apartment instead of counting on the school's dormitories. If my admission to become a Resident Advisor falls through, then this wont be too much of a problem, however I am still need of money.

If you commission around March or late February, midterms and Sophmore Review will be in effect, so do not expect your commission to be done very quickly.

Payments are in advance, however, just remember i do not transfer your funds to my bank account until after I have your approval.

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    I'm so stoked I found you on here!

    (It is me, the one previously known as CoyoteCaliente. As they say---transitions happen. Going with a new identity)

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      OH ok hey! Nice seeing you again! I wonder who you were, I saw you comment on some of the post I made here, wasn't quite sure who you were till I read this message! Thanks for watching! Yep I've been up to a lot, and I hope you're doing fine too!

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        Haha yeah that must have been confusing at first. I'm not gonna lie I didn't even recognize your art at first. It was just, "Huh. This style looks familiar... This character looks awful familiar too... OH DAMN I KNOW THIS ARTIST." And then I flipped out and spent half and hour ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over how much your style had evolved and refined. Seriously! Big props!!

        I'm doing, much, -much- better. I really did some soul searching and realized that I needed to make changes in my life, some more literal than others. Hell, I even went sober, cleaned up, and am looking to get an actual -career- rather than just a job. Really started being honest with myself with a lot of things, basically. Depression, addiction, and identity--just to name a few.

        But hey! The world moves on. And things get better. And then you meet old friends and realize they've been doing pretty good too so I'm glad to have caught your art on the front page. C:

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          Thanks so much for the compliments, haha. I'm glad you're doing better! I had like a big experience with finding myself last year too. I was like out on my own for the first time and I liked experimented with my gender and found the right label for me. It's real nice just to finally be able to get a feeling for who you are and start working toward that goal.

          I'm working on my comic and getting ready to like publish it this winter as well other big art projects that I'm working on. School is also going fine but getting like a bit stressful.

          Otherwise tho things are super, and I'm glad they are for you too!

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            Nice!! Everything seems to be on a better page this year for both of us. Good deal all around.

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    I really love your sense of fashion design.

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      I can't stress this enough: If you are going to a lot of character design, study fashion design. I am minoring in it right now and It helps a lot.

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        Who is your favorite designer/design team? My super boring answer is Alexander McQueen. My less boring answer for runner up is Dsquared.