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Sloshed Roolloon by Roozard

Sloshed Roolloon


28 June 2017 at 16:16:51 MDT

Here we have Roo on his birthday, having finally turned 21 he's able to drink to his doughy heart's content! ..Looks like he went a bit overboard, and then decided that continuing to go further overboard was a good idea, which in all honesty it looks like it totally is~ Hope there's enough people around to roll him to his room once he inevitably passes out. uwu;

An absolutely amazing early birthday gift drawn for me by Jouigidragon which I love more than words can even begin to justify~ The thought of Roo being drunk off his tail is so good to me, oh my goodness~ <3

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    Hope he doesn't hurl! ^^; (And I hope he has a diaper handy, because that's gonna be a lot of piss after so much beer X3)