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Plump Predator & Submissive Swelling by Roozard

Plump Predator & Submissive Swelling


After a long day of buddy-binging, Kylie needs a nice, cozy place to sit down in her thick, poofy padding to digest. What better way to get a cozy spot to rest than to make one yourself~? All ya need is a hose, a tank, several dozen tons of hot chocolate, and a Roozard. An hour or so later you should have a sizable, cozy napping spot that only gets bigger 'n better!

This was Jouigidragon's half of a trade we did that I love to bits, and I can't possibly thank him enough for doing such a beautiful job on it~ <3

Kylie belongs to Roodroo~

Artist Upload: Here.
My Half: Here.