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Double Dragon Date by Roozard

In recent times an innocent, little rabbit's life had changed rather drastically. An inconceivable encounter with a strange and magical collar had turned his life upside-down, left, right, and sideways. He was no longer the slender, fluffy bunny he once was, but a rather pudgy, thick dragon instead. This life changing event transpired some weeks ago, and Jouigi is steadily acclimating to his new form. Moreover, to the now hefty layer of pudge his frame was now adorned in as well.

It was in the middlemost days of Summer, partly cloudy, and an absolutely beautiful day. Jouigi had arranged to spend the day with his sweetheart, Matrix. She was a benevolent, kindhearted rhino-dragon-mouse hybrid with an astonishing, vividly colored horn and spikes, which ran down the back of her head and adorned her mouse-like tail. She was as optimistic as she was sweet and upon seeing Jouigi's new form in conjunction with his size she simply saw it as an adorable, plump new form to cuddle and play with!

Both Matrix and Jouigi decided that today would be the perfect day to head out and have a picnic. Thanks to Jouigi's recent change, he was always eager to go where he could grab a bite to eat! And Matrix wanted to spend some time with her 'dwaggie butterball' as well. "S-so then, does this seem like a good spot?" Jouigi called out curiously, unable to see past a looming clutter of picnic baskets, and supplies he was carrying.

"Hmm.. Maybe a little further, there's a tree over there and it's so pretty! Plus sitting in the shade to eat sounds nice right?" Matrix was strolling behind her boyfriend, doing her best to be his eyes whilst carrying a few baskets in each hand as well, being sure to bring more than enough for Jouigi's voracious appetite. The chubby dragon cautiously walked forward while peeking at the ground as best he could past his doughy frame and the mountain of supplies, distracted by counterproductive attempts to tell where he was heading, Matrix tried to warn him but despite her efforts he clumsily walked straight into the trunk of the tree.

Flopping down onto his plump rear and dropping the baskets, Jouigi was covered under the hill of food while Matrix could do nothing but giggle to herself, doing everything in her power not to tumble over laughing at the sight as she made her way over to the baskets and set hers neatly beside them. "Hehe, I know I said when we found a nice spot you could dig in, but I didn't think you would literally bury yourself in the stuff, silly." She cheerily said as she picked up sandwiches from the pile and put them back into baskets, eventually uncovering the dragon who had an apple stuffed in his maw, unable to keep from helping himself to the snacks.

"E-Erm.. Hi there!" Jouigi blushed brightly and his tail wagged at the sight of Matrix who promptly booped snouts together with him affectionately before helping finish uncovering him while he ate before unfolding and arranging the picnic blanket. The two sat down and snuggled for a bit before happily beginning to eat their lunch. With a mouthful, Matrix began to ponder about her boyfriend's unusual accessory, having done so in the immediate days following the initial transformation and insurmountable growth of his gut after his eating spree, but still curious about the strange collar.

"Mmnf- So.. What's the deal with your collar, do ya know? I mean, I'm by no means opposed to what it does to ya, I think you look pretty adorable! But how do you feel about it hun?" Matrix scooted a but closer to Jouigi and looked up at him curiously. "W-well.. I guess it's definitely taking some getting used to. Especially all of erm..-" Jouigi groped at his flabby gut and jiggled it some. "Th-this. But I mean, if you like it then I like it too!" He smiled, and Matrix did too, wrapping their arms around one another in a big, really rather adorable hug as he pressed matrix into his plump moobs and doughy chest.

"Well then, if you're going to be a dragon then I suppose I should go full dragon then too, huh?" Matrix mischievously asked before bouncing some meters away. Jouigi, bewildered by what she was doing, tilted his head curiously and watched. Before his very eyes Matrix had transformed from the small, thin girl she was into a colossal feral dragon! Amazingly, her apparel had grown with her, tiara, shirt and all still fitting comfortably. By the time she was done growing, Jouigi wasn't even as tall as her snout was long!

Looking up at his monumental beloved, Jouigi was flustered, blushing, and speechless. "I- I..- Y-You- You're-"
"Oh I'm sorry hun, I should've probably given you a tad more warning shouldn't I?" Matrix's voice had deepened and boomed throughout the entire park they were in, she took up a good portion of it all by herself as she laid down on all fours. Lowering her head, she very tenderly nuzzle at Jouigi and gave him a soft lick which unintentionally covered him with slobber.

"H-Hey careful when ya do that hun, I came here to eat food with you not be eaten as food by you!" Jouigi cautiously said, wiping off some of the slobber as he stood before hugging Matrix's gigantic snout. He offered her a sandwich, which at this point was nothing more than a crumb to her, but despite the size, she happily accepted the offering anyway. Being a fully-fledged dragon now, Matrix's appetite rivaled that of Jouigi's but on a far greater scale. The only thing preventing her from going on a food rush of catastrophic proportions being that she had much more practice dealing with the hunger than him.

Despite this.. Matrix lapped around her muzzle hungrily before giving Jouigi another big loving sluuuuurp, big enough to pick up the plump dragon with her tongue and slide him right on into her maw. Jouigi yelped and attempted to resist but to no avail as he was swiftly ushered down Matrix's gullet. Instinctively swallowing, Jouigi felt the slimy walls around him envelop him as he was whisked away into that tremendous belly. Matrix sighed and relaxed, eyes closed while she spoke to Jouigi. "That sandwich was way more filling than I thought it would be, what did you put in those by the way? It tastes.. familiar. ..Jouigi?" Noticing the lack of a response, Matrix opened her eyes and realized that her little chubby dragon was nowhere to be seen. She panicked and began to hastily search everywhere in the immediate area, looking behind the tree, in the tree, even irrationally checking underneath the blanket.

In her haste to find her boyfriend she suddenly noticed an odd sensation coming from deep within her gut. Sitting and blushing brightly, Matrix gently put her paw to her middle and felt a soft 'pap-pap' as Jouigi inside was banging his fists on the 'wall' to get her attention, her panicked cries drowning out his muffled attempts to speak. Putting her head down near her tum, she questioned it. "E-Erm.. Jouigi, hun, are you in there?"

In return, a muffled response accompanied with more soft 'paps' to her middle came through. "Yes I'm in here! I told you to be careful, I'm not a sandwich! How am I going to get out of here? I don't want to end up like our picnic, oh my gosh what are we-" Jouigi was suddenly silenced as he was softly jostled in Matix's stomach as she sighed and laid down once more. "Few.. okay good, I was worried something terrible had happened to you, don't scare me like that."

"Someth- what? Something terrible has happened, do you not realize where I am right now?" Panicking, Jouigi struggling to find his footing in the dark, damp, squishy cavern he was in, while he attempted to reason with his partner. "Shhhhh..." Matrix hushed him and rolled onto her side nonchalantly with a warm smile as she closed her eyes once more, basking in the delightfully warm sun rays. "Don't worry about it one bit hun, you can come out whenever you would like to, okay? I promise you're just fine in there, this isn't the first time I've accidentally swallowed someone you know."

"I-It isn't? And so.. I-I'm not gonna be digested or anything in here, am I?" Jouigi cautiously pressed his paw into the squishy floor he was sat on as he apprehensively awaited her response. "Heh, no I don't think so. Like I said, don't worry about it, you're fine." Matrix gave a gentle pat-pat to her stomach and wagged her colossal tail softly over the lawn of the park. "W-Well..-" Jouigi sighed, attempting to calm down in the admittedly cozy cave he'd found himself in. "Alright if you say so sweety. I'm not going to lie.. It's actually more comfortable in here than I would have imagined."

Matrix smiled and opened an eye, spying the still bountiful picnic laying on the ground. "Hmm.. You know, there's no need to let all this just lay here, we can still have our picnic even if you're in there!" Matrix happily reached over and snatched up the entire picnic in the blanket before dropping it into her maw and with one big gulp sent the bundle of food and baskets down into her immense greedy belly. Jouigi raised his brow curiously at the sound of tumbling baskets and the rustling blanket as their lunch came barreling at him from Matrix's gullet, once again burying him in snackfoods and sandwiches.

"M-Mmmph!" Wrestling with the blankets, Jouigi eventually managed to find his way out of the maze of sheets and baskets and let out a sigh before picking up a sandwich and taking a bite. "You know ya could've given me a bit more warning again hun. But thanks, this is nice." Jouigi smiled and relaxed in Matrix's middle, happily enjoying their picnic, filling up his already plump belly all the fuller until he was practically immobile. His stomach stuffed to the brim from the mountain of food, gurgling and groaning from the overburdening load that had been forced into it by Jouigi's insatiable lust for food.

"R-rrawrrr.. I- URRRRP! ..Ugh, may have overdone it a-again." Jouigi, hardly able to move thanks to his immensely distended gut, rubbed over his noisy middle and moaned, blatantly feeling the repercussions of his absurd food binge. "Hehe, well then I guess we gotta get you out of there then so I can give you some tummy rubs, huh?" Matrix stood up once again on all fours and lowered her head to the ground, letting the now rather rounded dragon in her gut roll forward into her gullet before coughing him back up, gently placing him on the ground underneath the tree before flopping back down once more onto here side.

"I must say, you look even more adorable now than you did before hun!" Matrix giggled and softly placed her paw on her boyfriend's side, softly rolling him back and forth like a cat playing with a ball of yarn before gently rolling him over to her and tenderly snuggling the dragon ball to her chest. "U-Urf, c-careful now, I'm really full!"
"Don't worry hun you're in safe paws, need to make sure you don't roll down the hill on me and go on another nomming spree, hehe." Jouigi gave a soft smile as he rubbed over his colossal, stuffed middle before getting nice and cozy in his partner's arms, both of their tails wagging with joy while they snuggled.

Having spent a wonderful and very filling day together, just as they had planned. The two of them napped right there together, happy and full, as dragons should be.

Double Dragon Date


My half of a trade with Jouigi it was really fun to work on and his characters are absurdly adorable~

His half can be found: Here.