The Unwilling Bedbeast by Roozard

Sometime after dark in the late hours of the evening, Mason was suddenly roused from his sleep. His eyes darted hastily around the ebony shaded light-less room, peering through the darkness, it was pitch black and still the dead of night. The chittering of countless crickets audible outside the shade drawn window near Mason's bed. Soft shafts of light protruding from the slits of the shades onto the bed.

With effort, Mason could discern his own faint outline in the dim moonlight. Noticing that his paws had been bound tight with manila rope. Struggling and fidgeting to no avail the ropes refused to give any sort of leeway for the poor dragon. Past the rustling of his bedcovers, Mason could hear sounds being made from the other side of his bedroom door and immediately stopped his tossing and turning. Staring keenly where his door lay in the darkness of his bedroom, a flickering warm light plainly visible through the outline of his door.

The doorknob jiggled before it began to turn and Mason began to tense up in anticipation for what lie in wait, only to see.. a rather large, obese Roozard squeeze his plump frame into the room looking rather happily at the distressed dragon. "Wh-What on..- How did you get in here, why are you in here, why am I tied up, what's going-?" Before Mason could continue his seemingly endless barrage of questions Roo had waddled over to him and shut his mouth by stuffing a chocolate glazed doughnut into it. Unable to speak past his pastry-stuffed cheeks, Mason was left with no choice but to bewilderingly gulp down the mouth watering snack food.

Roo simply smiled and wagged his flame-tipped tail around with delight. "Hehe, you talk too much, I'll explain it all once you're done with your midnight snack. We've only just begun!" Adroitly flicking on the light switch with his thick, dexterous tail, the room was suddenly bathed in light from the overhead fan. Mason narrowed his eyes and shied away from the blinding light until he could adjust, eyes opening wide and maw dropping agape in astonishment at the sight of the room. Filled from corner to corner with food! Dozens of boxes of pizza, mountains of cake boxes, subs, chicken, steak, cupcakes, cookies, muffins, doughnuts, every breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert food your ravenous tummy could desire was in that mess somewhere.

"You're quite the strong sleeper, you didn't notice me tie you up or bring all this in here, but by the time I'm done with ya you'll be in a food coma for quite some time." Smiling mischievously, Roo turned to pick up a cake box, opening it and taking a large slice before poking it invitingly at Mason's maw, who groaned softly at the gesture. "N-No thanks I'm not exactly hungry, plus isn't eating sweets this late at night not good for y- mmph!" Once again, before Mason could finish Roo rather abruptly shoved the large slice of strawberry marshmallow cake into his maw, gulping it down, Mason's middle groaned in protest to the sudden hefty filling. Already looking quite distended and full.

Letting out a satisfied 'Uuurp' Mason groaned once more and looked up to the obese towering Roo stood before him, who was eagerly poking another slice of cake at his maw. "M-Mmrph.. Look I'm already full will you stop alr- Ggrph-!" Without a second thought another slice was shoved in, and before the tubby dragon could continue his fruitless protest another soon after. With each passing hefty frosted slice stuffed into his maw, Mason's plump, rotund, fat laden middle swelled all the larger. "Now then, I don't wanna hear another word out of you until you're all done, got it? There's plenty to eat and I'm gonna need your help to make it happen." Roo cheekily asserted with his lingering mischievous expression.

Mason's middle groaned and gurgled loudly as it churned at the sweets that had been forced into it, swiftly beginning to add a rather portly layer of flab onto the dragon from cheek to tail. Although he had tried his best to show disapproval towards the rather rough filling, Mason secretly thought to himself how good it felt to be so overwhelmingly full. To have such a plump, doughy layer of pudge wash over his once lean figure. Lost in thought, Mason had for the time being given in to his captor's wishes as Roo simply stuffed cake, after cake into the dragon's hungry maw.

Every cake that passed through his jaws only added to the flabby girth that had begun to overtake Mason's figure. Dozens of pounds adding onto that already thick frame as he had become as thick as the bed he laid upon, his plump distended middle sticking out into the air. "Hehe, we're making good time but there's still plenty to come ya big fatty." Roo happily stated as he turned to gather more food for the unwillingly gluttonous dragon. "I-I'm..- Uuuurp! S-Still not hungry you know. You're in big trouble when I get loose, I'm gonna-"

"..More cupcakes." Roo simply, and sternly stated. Having once again silenced Mason via forcefully stuffing a cupcake into his maw, then several more afterwards. The ropes that bound mason began to gradually give way to the taxing strain of Mason's expanding girth. His wrists having become so thick that the rope was no longer even visible, arms so plump that he was unable to move them even if he tried, having become such a blob that his bed creaked and cracked in protest to his increasing girth. Another cupcake was stuffed in, then another, and the ropes simply could not contain the flab any longer, snapping and releasing his arms to be free Mason opened his eyes wide at the sudden 'opportunity' and attempted to jump upon it. However.. it was far beyond the point of his control. Despite his best efforts his own arms were far too cumbersome and hefty to lift, let alone use them to stop Roo from continuing.

Mason's shirt ripped from his swelling rolls, his pants giving way and shredding with flab peering out from the crevices as they formed until his attire gave up on any attempts to contain that obese body any longer. Shhhhhriping and tearing, the dragons clothes became nothing but colorful tatters strewn on his bed. "Well then, I suppose the real filling can begin now that we dun' have to worry about those anymore, hmm?" Roo once again smiled eagerly and quickly began to stuff multiple cupcakes in Mason's endless pit of a maw.

The pounds began to multiply without warning, and the boxes went from full to empty in the blink of an eye. The thin dragon that once laid in the bed had now been replaced by an immense, obese, flabby blob of plump rolls and doughy folds. At this point, Mason had easily outgrown his bed, in fact, he had outgrown that half of the room, his doughy girth expanding out across the room with Roo now having to climb on top of the dragon's belly in order to continue the feeding. The hours passed and he only continued to grow, his belly filling the room further and further.

And with that.. the final slice of pizza had been stuffed into Mason's mouth. Every last box had been licked clean to the final crumb, tossed messily in piles or crunched under Mason's insurmountably tremendous frame. He had become so unbelievably large that Roo's back was now pressed against the ceiling. And the dragon's girth touched every corner of the room. 'Hehe, well then, you're all set and good to go it seems!" Roo smiled and kneaded away at that blobbish obese mountain of girth beneath him. "Uuuuuuuurp! ...F-For what?" Mason exhaustively inquired.

"Why, to be my bed of course! A large Roo needs an even larger bed, and you can't get something of this quality now-a-days. No, if you want it done right you have to do it yourself!" Roo snuggled and squeezed, smushing his face with much delight in his work into that obese 'bed' of his, letting out a pleased sigh. "And don't you worry, when we get up tomorrow..? I'm makin' waffles!" Roo giggled and squeezed that belly eagerly.

The Unwilling Bedbeast


14 April 2016 at 23:51:11 MDT

My half of a fun trade with Mason, normally I prefer to be the bigger one but a good stuffing was needed here and someone had to do it~

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