Jouigi Dragon's Hunger by Roozard

It was early in the morning, the sun had just peeked over the horizon, casting long shadows out across the cul de sac from people's homes into the large towering trees that surrounded the backside of the neighborhood. As the birds awakened and begin their rousing songs, Jouigi stirred from his sleep and with a drawn-out drowsy yawn. Sitting up in bed he rubbed his eyes before shrugging off his sheets and climbing off his mattress, leaving the unkempt blanket strewn lazily over his bed while he headed for the door.

Grabbing his green 'J' branded cap he set out from his room, dusting off and grooming his light-grey fur with his paws the bunny strolled towards the kitchen up to his fridge, finding it to be quite empty. With the same seemingly true for the cupboard and cabinets, not a single morsel of food to be had. "Aww man, I forgot to go and get food again!" Jouigi dejectedly complained to himself, his belly interjecting with a loud aggravated growl. "Eep! Aww geeze, I need to get some food in you quick before I become breakfast myself!"

Hastily slamming the fridge and cabinets Jouigi bolted for the front door, swinging it open only to charge face first into something.. fluffy.. and doughy. "M-Mmph!" His face was completely enveloped in the plush wall stood before him, pressing his paws into it on either side of his head to pull away before looking up to see a blushing, flustered, colossal Roozard looming over him as he peeked past his own rotund middle at the rabbit. "O-Oh dear I'm so sorry Jouigi! I was just about to knock but before I had the chance you came running on out! I hope you're alright." Roozard leaned down to him and gave the rabbit a hug before checking to make sure he was alright, smiling warmly at him.

"Y-yeah I'm alright Roo don't worry about it, I'm all good." Face flushed red with blush after having smushed into that large fatty tum, Jouigi looked up to see the overweight marsupial had a little blue mail hat perched atop his head. "Oh you're on work right now? D-did I get something?" Stumbling over his words, he couldn't rightly recall if he had ordered anything lately and had no idea what he may have received in the mail.

"As a matter of fact you did, it came in sometime yesterday, not really sure when though, and it was addressed to you." As Roo talked he was clumsily rummaging through his pouch to try and find the package, sorting through letters and boxes while trying to keep from spilling anything from his overfilled fluffy belly pocket. "It doesn't seem to have any return address or well.. really any other info at all really! It just had your name on it, and I thought I'd bring it on by before I head out for a snack- oh there it is!" Roo, still nose-deep in his pouch, pulled out a brown square box with a string of twine wrapped and tied around it, no bigger than both Jouigi's palms put together. Roozard was right, it had no address, no stamp, no nothing. Simply the rabbit's name on it's side written in red maker.

"E-erm.. N-Now you're sure this is for me? I mean, this seems kinda sketchy, this might be for someone else with the same name though, how do you know it's for me?" Jouigi nervously questioned, wary of his new-found gift as he held it cautiously in his paws. Roo stood back up and stared down at him, tilting his head curiously before smiling. "Well, because there's no stamp! That means it wasn't actually mailed from somewhere, someone must have brought it in personally and left before telling anyone. And you're the only Jouigi I know of so I brought it to you. But either way, I gotta get going, I only have a few hours to eat and I gotta get back home!" Roo turned and waved with the back of his paw before thrusting off the ground with his powerful hind legs, flying off to his home. "Seeya! Hope you enjoy whatever's in there!" He happily exclaimed from in the distance.

"Thanks, I hope I do too! ..Whatever's in here. How the heck can he even fly anyway? He's like.. a thousand pounds! Oh well." Jouigi, having completely forgotten about breakfast, went back inside with his attention completely turned to this mysterious package he'd received. Escorting it to the kitchen, Jouigi set the box on the kitchen table and suspiciously looked over it's surface for any hints of what may lay inside. Letting out a shaky unnerved sigh, he untied the twine and opened the lid, combing through the packing peanuts inside to find a collar. It appeared to be just like any other collar he'd ever seen before, fire hydrant red with a grey metal tad labeled 'J' dangling from it.

"A- a collar? Someone bought a collar for me? Well I might as well try it on, th-though I dunno.." After one more quick inspection Jouigi folded his long fluffy ears back and pulled the collar over his head, looking down at it as best he could before jingling the tag whimsically with a soft smile. "Huh, I actually kinda like this! I need to get a better look." Quickly sprinting over to the bathroom, Jouigi's belly once again made it's presence known as it seemingly angrily growled and grumbled at him from the lack of food. Jouigi stumbled for a moment in surprise before pressing on, patting and rubbing his noisy middle before heading into the pitch-black bathroom. "I'll eat soon, just let me get a good look at this first, geeze."

Flicking on the lights, the rabbit found himself rather pleased with his new accessory. He looked over his reflection in the mirror with delight, blushing before playfully making a few funny poses. However, after a while the rabbit noticed something odd about his reflection, there were lumps under his hat on either side of his head. Leaning in, Jouigi narrowed his eyes as he stared at one of the bulges, after observing it for a short time a 'sshhhrrrip!' could be heard. "Eeek! Wh-What on Earth?" The bulges in his hat had given way to horns that continued to grow. Jouigi brought his paw up to his mouth to gasp in horror only to find in his reflection that his paw had begun to undergo a change as well, his fluff turning to scales, claws extending from his fingers!

He began to grow a rounded muzzle while his ears shrunk, Jouigi gasped at the alien feeling of his body changing so rapidly and fell to his rump on the bathroom floor. He backed up against a wall and heard a 'thunk' from behind him. Turning to see what it was, he found that his once small puffy tail had begun to extend into a lizard tail with a fluffy poof at it's end. Two more soft hits on the wall announced the growth of a pair of small wings as his stomach and chest turned to a soft scaled underbelly. After a few minutes the unrelenting onslaught of changes had seemingly calmed down and ceased, Jouigi understandably shaken from the experience did his best to stand as he looked down at his dark green legs and lighter plated tummy.

The former rabbit looked to the mirror in disbelief to find himself having fully changed into a dragon! "H-How is this even-! A-Aah- Achoo!" Before he could finish his sentence, the new-found dragon had a bit of a tickle in that new bulbous snout of his, sneezing and blowing out a bit of flames and smoke, scorching his sink in the process. "Eeeeep! N-No no no! How is this happening! I-" The dragon abruptly paused and sniffed the air, overcome by instinct a delightful scent had filled his snout and he eagerly followed it. Barging through the bathroom door and opening a window, Jouigi clambered out to find a tree littered with apples, they smelled absolutely delicious! Before long the dragon had climbed up the tree and began to scarf down every apple in reach, munching them in one or two bites before moving onto the next. After a few dozen, the poor tree couldn't withstand the greedy dragon's appetite.. or weight any longer, out of apples and overloaded, the branch the fattened up dragon had been feasting on gave way and dropped the scaly glutton to the ground. Causing his rather full belly to bounce and wobble.

Jouigi moaned and rubbed his head, having been in some sort of hunger induced trance before, and still quite dazed from it. He looked down in astonishment at his swollen stomach, he doubted it was even possible to eat this much at once yet he found himself to be even hungrier than before he began! "Wh-What's going on? Why am I so hungry? I- I just.. I- I need food!" With much effort, the ravenous dragon managed to stand and quickly set off in search of more food to stuff in that swollen gut of his. About half an hour later the dragon was insatiably hungry, having made his way into town with his stomach already done working over the previous banquet of fruit he'd shoveled down his maw. He found himself at a small restaurant, FAST FOOD was written above the store in fluorescent lights with the A having been stricken out to say FAT FOOD. The perfect place for an insurmountably hungry dragon to get his snack on.

He charged into the store, it was packed full of furs from corner to corner, but all he saw was food, and lots of it. Jouigi pounced at a table where a couple sat that was laden with food and began to scarf down as much as he could, stuffing his face with burgers and soda. One of the two that sat at the table attempted to speak up and yell at the rude dragon for taking their lunch, but was quickly silenced when Jouigi let out a big roar in response accompanied with a blast of fire into the air. The two of them fumblingly clambered hastily from their seats and ran out the door screaming, followed with the rest of the customers as Jouigi moved on from table to table, piling all the food he physically could into his rapidly expanding middle.

The cook, an immensely obese pig with a grease stained apron shouted from over the counter at the dragon who had just scared off his every last customer. Jouigi once again snapped out of his hunger induced trance to find himself so overburdened with his ballooned middle that he could hardly even stand. He moaned and rubbed over what little of his distended stomach he could reach, it having swollen so immensely that it had nearly reached the ground. Perking one of his ears, he finally noticed the furious cook coming towards him, waving a spatula menacingly. Hardly able to move, the bloated dragon did his best to waddle for the door leaving the disgruntled cook behind, thankfully he was even more overburdened by his gut than the poor dragon.

He 'ran' as best as he possibly could, given his new weight, and made his way into an alley a few buildings down to try and hide. "What just happened? I gotta keep this under control, if I go on another rampage like that I'll end up as big as a house! And that's if that crazy cook doesn't find me." Jouigi signed and sat down, back pressed against a building as he rubbed over his belly that's size rivaled his own. He felt another surge of hunger wash over him and cloud his thoughts, doing his best to fight it off, he clenched his claws and held onto his middle. "N-No I'm done eating! I'm not g-going to any more! Must..! Not..! E-Eat! Must eat! Food!"

Jouigi, managing to stand up, he eagerly waddled his way from the alley down the sidewalk, sprinting across the road without hesitation towards a pizza shop. The bloated dragon's oversized belly pushed the door open for him, hanging out several feet in front of him he could hardly reach the door at this point anyway. Without a moment's thought Jouigi instinctively began to slide pizza's off tables into his maw, rolling them up and stuffing them in, gobbling down slices and guzzling down drinks as he once again scared off all the customers in the store.

Two male wolves barged out from the kitchen, the cooks were yet again immensely displeased, one grabbing his hat and throwing them on the ground in frustration before padding up to the dragon. One put their paw on the now immobile dragon's middle and pointed to him, Jouigi not hearing a single word of the lecture he was receiving as his head only filled with thoughts of more food and how he could eat more. The still insatiable dragon growled and smoke bellowed from his nostrils as he glared at the now stunned wolves, immediately making them go silent and freeze in place. "I'm still hungry, and one way or another I'm getting more food. You seem like capable cooks, now you can either make me more food or you can become it, you have five seconds."

Without missing a beat, the wolves darted back into the kitchen and began making more pizzas for Jouigi, coming out with stack after stack of them while they watched in disbelief as the dragon put away every last one into his unbelievably ballooned obese middle, it having easily swollen to twice his size while only growing larger by the minute. After some time though, the kitchen had run dry, the ravenous dragon had eaten everything they had. "Where's the food? I'm still hungry!" Jouigi yelled in displeased, demanding tone. Having fattened up so huge at this point that he couldn't even see past his own belly.

"W-Well you see.. We're kinda.. out.. of food." One of the cooks nervously blurted out, holding onto his hat with his paws. "Out of food? That's not possible, I'm not even close to full yet!" Jouigi shouted, causing the wolves to drop their hats and bolt out the door. Attempting to get up after then, the obese dragon tried to stand, unable to even do that at this point. After some yelling and growling to try and bring the cooks back for food the now overstuffed dragon passed out and fell asleep after his unbelievably immense meal.

..Early in the morning, the birds had once again begun to sing and twitter to one another. Rousing Jouigi from his slumber, waking up in a sudden fright he looked around to find he was in his bedroom, on his mattress. Letting out a sigh he flopped his head back into his pillow wiped his forehead. "Whew.. it was just a dr- ..eam..?" As he wiped off his forehead in relief, Jouigi noticed his still green scaled claws, pulling off his covers, his once mountainous middle had turned into an obese dome of a doughy gut, his whole body having put on quite a thick layer of pudge from his feeding frenzy, tail now much thicker and everything from head to toe much more plump.

He put his doughy paws over his face and sighed again at the realization that this was not a dream, and that he really had gone on a crazy food bender through town. And that his once slender frame had now been replaced with one several time's it's size. With much effort, the pudgy dragon sat up and over the side of his creaking mattress before noticing an envelope on his bedside table. Reaching over, Jouigi ripped it open with his claw and pulled out a note.

"Hey there! I was just on my afternoon route when I saw some crazy wolves yelling about how some fat dragon held them hostage and made them feed 'em a mountain of pizza, sounds like something I'd do! So I wanted to see it for myself, and wouldn't ya know it I found you the size of a car snoozing after your little snack run. I dunno how you got like this but it's a thumbs up in my book! Just try not to overdo it too much in the future, and make sure you at least have someone roll you home next time.


PS. Oh by the way! Erm.. There's these too, kay bye!"

Attached to the note were several bills for damages and food from the restaurants. Jouigi's jaw dropped before he passed out and flopped back into bed. Well.. At least he's not hungry anymore. For now.

Jouigi Dragon's Hunger


10 March 2016 at 17:32:54 MST

A story commission for Jouigirabbit of his adorable rabbit having a rather.. eventful and food filled day~
Thumbnail was drawn by Jouigirabbit~