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Longing for Peace by ReptileCynrik

Longing for Peace


30 December 2014 at 10:25:55 MST

"All I wish for 2015 is peace on Earth for all mankind!"

Yes... there's going to be no additional picture describtion. I guess there's nothing left to say, is it?

Working media:
Pencils, colour pencils, ink, markers, COPICS, acrylics and brush

Working time:
about 12 hours

A4 (21x29 cm)

Many thanks to my friend Toby for some corrections!

Digital SKETCH (nude version):

Submission Information

Visual / Traditional


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    WOW! The work on the scales is amazing!

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      Hey, thanks very much! :-) I'm glad you like it.

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    he looks pretty cuddly here :)

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      Hehehehe..... well, if you say so! ^^ hugs THANKS

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        bet he gives some great hugs and snugs

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          He surely does... ^__^ BUT he is really tender... despite his strenght.

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    Incredible work on anatomy, lighting and scales!! Love his expression, and how he looks both determined and longing :)

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    This isn´t a surprise man... Is a GREAT surprise!!! : D

    This is a wonderful drawing that you have done after a while ago. The content here is so nice, clean, and joyful, not to mention that the traditional art gave a living touch to the work, which is super effective, especially with some little lively touches that I´ll mention forward XD

    First at all I notice a little observation. It might be my imagination, but these scales that are in his eyebrows, I see them look biggers with the traditional media and for the digital they aren´t that big. I´m not saying is a bad thing though, but I was wonder why us that heheh XD I think I also do the same thing with Orion sometimes, I guess heh. But looks nice, even soooo detailed there with the lines and the coloring strokes to make them less flat ; )

    Next step is his hand, my my, the most expressive hands you have done a long time : ) the interaction of his hands and the flower is very believable and natural, also I guess is the first time that I clearly notice his 4 fingers, including his thump XD I really like how you have done this. Also good work with the arm´s position. In that view on the otherside I get difficulties of keeping his shoulder in his right place heheh that´s indeed a nice work here : )

    About his facial expression. Can´t be so sure about it, but is that happiness? XD just saying because showing his tooths like that makes the idea that he´s ok, but the line of his mouth shows a serious expression. Is true that animals hardly make facial expressions, even in our characters heheh XD You really did a nice work by making him more animal on his face XD.

    And nice touch by showing the wind with the leafs : ) that always work, classic, but effective. In general this has been a great work for an end to this year ; ) a great finale. And obviously I look forward to see more amazing works from you to the next year and so on and so on : )

    Have a Happy New Year Patrick!!!! : D