Reptile Poser 2013 by ReptileCynrik

Reptile Poser 2013


1 September 2013 at 01:47:10 MDT

“Body fat is something unknown.”

Well, people… you had to wait long enough. I present to you: a very new artwork of Reptile! A beach poser, more or less… but it shows my character in the most detailed and best way possible. And the scale texture is back! ^^

Originally, this artwork was supposed to be a “remake” of this older poser:\_bilder/Artwork/Pinups/Reptile%20Poser.jpg

But when I started drawing, it looked weird to put Reptile on display… entirely naked and with no background. Furthermore, my buddy DJ did urge me NOT to cut off Reptile’s hands in the end.

So, I created this piece here and I like it very much. And Reptile still prefers his native loincloth over the fundoshi! XD

Thanks very much to my friend :icondjdarkfox: for helping me with Reptile’s arms and his chest muscles (especially the ribs).

Enjoy the latest version of my scaled hero: Reptile Cynrik!!

Drawing media:

Pencils, coloured pencils, ink, markers, Copics (used for the first time!), acrylics and brush

Working time:

about 22 hours

Pose model:

Alejandro De La Guardia

“Reptile Cynrik” © Patrick Reichel aka :iconreptilecynrik:

This artwork is dedicated to the following friends:

:icondjdarkfox: :icondailightfox: :icontoumal: :icondracenmarx: :iconveyoun:

Submission Information

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    Sooo little love in Weasyl yet :(

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    Yeah... I know. Just your first comment... 8 favs and a few views. ^^"

    But you know... it's okay. I'm more active at the other websites, anyway.

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    now those are some impressive scales and muscles :o....isn't he cold without wearing much? :o

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      Hehehe... thanks for the comment. ^^ Oh, and... don't worry, it's not cold there. This is summer in AKTES and that's usually a warm time. It's not very cold in this country, anyway... ;-)

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        what does AKTES stand for? :o

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          Eh... this is the name of the largest country (region) on my planet RULUS! :P

          I just love using capital letters for the important names of my cities or countries.

          The planet is called RULUS... the largest land (region) is called AKTES and the capital city is called TYROS! This is where the castle RIVERSTONE can be found... and King Kyle and Reptile live in Riverstone. ^^

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            oh I see :o

            I thought at first it was like NASA or USA, that it mean something :p

            also those are some cool sounding names :D

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    Really the most hunky, and expertly scale/muscle/shading detailed of Reptile evah! <3

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      Hrhrhrhr... most certainly! :3 Thanks very much, my most trusted scaly friend. ^______^