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Hello, dear people.

I won't submit a lot of art here... maybe just a few of my most favourite pieces. In general, I've created this account to save my username... so nobody would cause any trouble around here by abusing my name.

Please forgive me, if I don't reply to all the comments... or don't reply at all. I'm currently checking four accounts/websites! But your interest in my art is very much appreciated. Enjoy my works! ^_^

Have a good time and take care -

Patrick Reichel


Reptile Cynrik



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    Glad to see you here too. ^^

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      I've been here for years... ^^ Just not that active.

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    Welcome back!

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      I am not really active here... but I am not gone, either. ^^ Toodles

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    Hello mein freund! Haven't talked with you in a while, how are you doing? Your art is a great addition to this website, always looking forward!

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      Thanks for the shout! ^^

      I'm doing... fine and also not so well. Lemme put it this way: I FEEL good and I am healthy... BUT it's very stressy at work right now. Only 3 weeks left till the summer holidays and I'm working my butt off. -..-"


      Also, I'm not really active here... just saved the account/name. :D

      Take care and be well!

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        I guess we're in the exact same situation, work has been very exhausting for me lately and I feel I never have time left to do other things - but I'm glad to hear you're alright! And don't worry, your summer vacation is coming soon ;)

        I can't say I'm very active here, too, but it's just because the community is still very small. The site looks good and it works fine, much better than the others in my opinion.

        Also, regarding our trade, I apologize for taking so long. I made many sketches but I can't seem to be able to finish any of them, besides, I've never drawn your species before so it took me a lot of studies. Not only that, but I stayed a long time without practicing, and I'll have to do it soon because I owe art to a couple of people, including you. I didn't forget about you!

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    Defently need to commision you when you open up again, your work is amazing.