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Hey Weasyl users!! This is my first time using Weasyl, so if you guys have any pointers on how my artwork will appear once I post my first picture, please let me know. I'd appreciate that, as well as any other information on the site and how to use it. Thanks a lot!!

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    Thanks for the fav!

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      No problem. :) I need a favor from you: will you please comment on the ten new pictures I have in my gallery?

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    I am wondering who favorited my picture of Duncan Roo recently... thank you so much to whoever favorited the picture. I'm so glad you like my artwork, and I'll keep drawing for as long as I can (which is a VERY long time). :)

    I also draw commission pictures... if any of you guys are interested in getting one (or perhaps even more) drop me a note. ;) Here is the information you must include:

    Character's name
    Gender (M/F, no trans-gender characters, plz)
    Species (homo sapien/animal)
    Game/movie/anime he or she is from

    and, above all the things mentioned above,

    NO NUDITY!! Please make sure that they have clothing on.

    If you have questions, drop me a note and I'll reply ASAP. Thank you. :)

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    I've tried DA, and it won't let me log in. :( And when I tried FurAffinity, there was a notice that said my password had been changed, so I have to reset the password again. The problem with that, though, is that I need to get the verification code in my email, but the Cox Webmail site won't let me see my inbox. >:( I don't know what to do!! Got any advice as to how I can solve those problems?

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    I wonder why no one has commented on my artwork yet... hmm, maybe someone will one of these days. And even if they don't, I could always post some more and see whether or not I get comments on those pictures.

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      Because this website is very quiet. Try DeviantArt. Or Fur Affinity