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Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 38 by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 38 (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

I kept the fight between Ilem and Light short because I wanted to be able to cram in all the remaining scenes before the day in the story ends. That way I can start off the next chapter with a new morning.

Glacies, Chase, Kumo, Nemo, LimeX, Juliet, Ilem, Etutu/Xander, Nuru/Merelyn, Shade, Connor, Lumine, Sevrin, Roland, Pope Hollur, Baki, Safiya, Tertia, Nora and Hilda (c) me
Zephyr, Hitomi and Hikari/Light (c) Psyshock (this is his profile: )
Sakura (c) ShadowNekoSakura (this is her profile: )
Thage/Divinity (c) gistofeverything (this is her profile: )
Valer (C) Finalfantazoid (this is his profile: )
Zero (c) Disney

Kingdom Hearts (C) Square-Enix and Disney

Keyblade War arc
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A Month's Peace arc
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Light's Retribution arc
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