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Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 23 by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 23 (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on May 23, 2019

I don't know if I got the measurement for how far a 4-year-old can spread their legs in a fighting stance right. If you have the correct amount, let me know and I'll fix it. Anyway, the plot for this arc hasn't started yet, but we will see it soon in Chapter 25. But I have to upload Chapter 24 first. And I also got to warn you that there will be bad writing somewhere towards the end in this arc. I'll let you guys know when it is.

Glacies, Chase, Kumo, Xander/Etutu, LimeX and Juliet (c) me
Zephyr, Hitomi and Leohart (c) psyshock (this is her profile: )
Sakura (c) ShadowNekoSakura (this is her profile: )
Jack Skellington, Zero and the mayor (c) Disney

Kingdom Hearts (c) Disney and Square-Enix

Keyblade War RP was made by Psyshock, but unfortunately it no longer exists as the RP died from inactivity years ago.

Keyblade War arc
Intro -
Chapter 1 -

A Month's Peace arc
Chapter 16 -

Chasing LimeX arc
Chapter 23 - Here!
Chapter 24 -
Chapter 25 -
Chapter 26 -
Chapter 27 -
Chapter 28 -
Chapter 29 -
Chapter 30 -
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Light's Retribution arc
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