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Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 16 by Red Dragonette (critique requested)

Ancient Kingdom Hearts: The First Masters chp. 16 (critique requested)

Red Dragonette

Originally uploaded on Oct 30, 2018

The Lurebreaker keyblade wasn't created by Psyshock; it was made by its original designer, :iconhamsterparade:. She used that keyblade for her OC in the RP. I'd show you the pic, but unfortunately it was deleted a while ago. But other people have been making images of the Lurebreaker; I don't know if some of them had permission to make these though. So if you want to see what it looks like, just search "Lurebreaker keyblade" on DA's search engine. The only thing original about this story's Lurebreaker is that I changed the design of the keychain.

Okay, so the filler arc I created did not happen in the RP. Kumo's reincarnation did happen in the RP and he originally landed in Radiant Garden, but I made La Cite des Cloches his starting world instead. The new arc is just a storyline that connects the Keyblade War arc and the following arc that does happen in the RP. Not only does it introduce new characters, some of who may play bigger roles later, but gives details of what the characters did before the next arc. FaelaArts, I hope I wrote LimeX perfectly here (even though you probably don't remember much about her).

Anyway, the next chapter is going to be like 18 pages long. I was originally going to make chapters 16 and 17 one whole chapter, but then that would have gone over the limit, so that's the reason why they had to be split. I will upload Chapter 17 shortly and give you a note of how I researched Halloween in its description.

Keyblade War arc
Intro -
Chapter 1 -

A Month's Peace arc
Chapter 16 - Here!
Chapter 17 -
Chapter 18 -
Chapter 19 -
Chapter 20 -
Chapter 21 -
Chapter 22 -

Chasing LimeX arc
Chapter 23 -

Light's Retribution arc
Chapter 34 -

Glacies, Chase, LimeX (once created by FaelaArts from Deviant Art, now given to me), Kumo, Etutu, Bihai, Roland and Sabella (c) me
Zephyr, Leohart, Hitomi and Konan (c) Psyshock (this is her profile: )
Sakura (c) ShadowNekoSakura (this is her profile: )
Jack Skellington, Zero, Doctor Finklestein and the mayor (c) Disney

Kingdom Hearts (c) Disney and Square-Enix

Keyblade War RP is made by Psyshock, but unfortunately it no longer exists as the RP died from inactivity years ago.