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Hey Everyone! Just moving in from FA. Figured I'd give this place a look and see how things work out.

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Update 6-23-2015 Car Accident + Future Plans

on 23 June 2015 at 10:15:16 MDT

Interesting spot of news today, yesterday I was pleasantly rear-ended by a kid in his suv. Nothing too serious thankfully and I wasn't hurt. Kid apparently slipped his foot off the brake and rolled into me hard enough to crunch in my rear bumper and push me into another car. Airbags didn't deploy (thank god) and there was almost no damage to the other car in front of me, just a dent on my front bumper. Luckily there was a cop there so was able to fill out a crash report on the spot. Kid was driving his dad's truck under his dad's insurance because his car was in the shop. hmm, wonder why. So currently working with the insurance companies to see what can be done about this. FUN!

In other news, I'm planning on starting up my patreon account soon to see if i can turn it into a secondary source of income while i save up money. Once I'm done with the YCH auction pieces I'll be working on a short comic series to help launch my patreon account. You've all viewed the first 4 strips already involving Raifuru* and Myself. The series would be posted on a weekly basis and will mostly be about random nonsense or about popular topics of discussion at the time, be it game related, conversation related or current event related. The series is still currently unnamed, however, I'm thinking of calling it "Hey Comrade!" because of how it seemingly starts on the first frame with the quote "Hey Comrade, ...". If you all enjoy the comic series and would like to support my work, A link to my patreon account will be listed in the description once it's up and you can have the option to donate $1, $2, and $4 a month. Rewards for each monthly contribution range from a simple "Thank you" for your support, a custom 100 x 100 icon for your continued $2 monthly contribution and random cameos of your character in future comics for your continued $4 monthly contribution. If you have any suggestions on what other rewards i could give to people for their monthly contributions, you're more than welcomed to share in the comments below!

My ultimate goal for my patreon account is to simply save up enough money to pay for the cost of living, while saving money from my primary source of income (my currently employment) to put toward going back to college and getting my degree that I had put off for too long. Any help would be greatly appreciated no matter how big or small. Turning my Patreon account into a full-time job isn't a primary goal, however if I do get enough followers and enough support to where I have the option to, I will definitely convert my account into a full-time job so that I can focus more on both my art and goals to go back to college.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this! I do appreciate all of you followers and watchers out there who continue to support me to this day!
Much heart and many hug!

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    I hope you're doing well.

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    I am REALLY digging the flux of Hotline Miami themed submissions. Keep up the good work! c:

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    Thanks for the favorite :)

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    About damn time you got your ass here.