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on 27 October 2017 at 22:37:50 MDT

Its been a while and I'm finally in a moment of downtime that I feel comfortable writing.
And "a moment of downtime" is a big stretch with me currently writing from the west coast while I still live on the east coast!
Downtime is not realistically going to happen for quite a while.
But lets get to it.

End of Sept I graduated from trade school.
Got my degree in Specialized Business, more specifically Special Effects Makeup.
I am officially trained in molding, casting, sculpting, lifecasting, some animatronics even! Wide range of new skills.
School life was.. interesting.
Lived in an old steel mill town outside Pittsburgh, with a still active coal mill. Was 30 minutes to the nearest anything.
Town full of druggies. Student housing was a joke, students had things stolen from their cars, our own student house was even broken into n partially trashed (thankfully no one was hurt).
As with any college(college-like) atmosphere, it was full of fresh outa highschool-ers who really have no idea what they want in life and honestly shouldn't even be in school.
I was INCREDIBLY lucky to be in a class that was almost completely 20-somethings that had their life-goals at least partially together.
We were a great class and an anomaly in the school, teachers can confirm.
Made a good group of friends that I better not loose contact with ever.

Mid Oct, a week ago now, Flash and I got married!!
After being together for 7 years its very much "Its about time".
Very happy to be moving forward into the future together <3

Yesterday, I arrived in Washington (state) to do house hunting.
Wait what, that's on the other side of the country, what the heck?!
Well yeah, Flash is in the Navy now and stationed in WA.
We married so obviously I'm moving out there with him.
The plan is to get me moved in mid Nov.
So if anyone is out in the Seattle area, hit me up!!
I need to get into the furry scene out there! I haven't been to a meet in forever with how busy I've been D:
And I need to meet people n make friends in a new unfamiliar area :|

So upcoming events -
As stated, I should be moving mid Nov.
Then its job hunting time.

So uh.
Its prolly gunna be internet quiet till next year, with occasional activity.
I check this bout every day again, so I'm free to chat.
Twitter is where I am MOST active
@ ramcat_uruhei
Feel free to follow :)

Thats your big update on me.
Byes for now.

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          Yes, caution is definitely recommended :P

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