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Apology Note by rabbitinafoxden

Apology Note


Happy Vore Day, everyone! Sorry this is a little late, but I had some crazy things happen this weekend and this is the earliest I could get to my computer. I originally had a much larger project planned, but it didn't get finished in time (still working on it, though), so have this instead! Don't you hate it when your best friend and your girlfriend decide to spend a day together to get to know each other, but then they get drunk and one of them gets eaten? On the other hand, this opens whole new opportunities! Though I'm wondering just how much of an "accident" this was.

This combines several of my favorite vore tropes:

1) A predator eating a romantic rival to get them out of the way,
2) casual/accidental vore, and
3) preds talking about their prey like they're already gone even when they're still struggling.

Ask me questions on my Curious Cat! Feel free to ask questions to either me or one of my characters.
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    I have never been in to vore and I never well be but this is just to cute

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      Aww, thank you! Everyone's into different things, I got no problem with that, but I'm glad you could enjoy one of my pieces anyway!