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on 2 March 2014 at 22:18:23 MST

Icons (250x250-300x300 image to be cropped and resized as you see fit)

Between $5-$15 (includes lines and colour, discounts may be discussed for bulk purchases)


Sketch: $10
Lines: $15


Sketch: $15
Lines: $20

Full body

Sketch: $20
Lines: $25


Flats: + $3-$10
Greyscale: + $5-$15
Shading + Colour: + $10-$25

Additional characters

Sketch: +$6
Lines: +$10
Flats: +$2-$6
Greyscale: +$3-$12
Shading + Colour: +$5-$15

Adult/fetish/kink content (nudity is free and additional character prices are not required for mystery cocks or tentacles from the void)

Starts at +$10

All prices should be considered base estimates and may be subject to change based on character complexity, pose and any other aspects that may increase the difficulty or time spent on the work.

That said there aren’t any real limits to what I will and won’t draw. I won’t do shota/loli/cub work and I’m terrible at mechanical things, but pretty much anything is fair game (including furries, porn and bizarre fetishes) provided I’m given the right monetary compensation to make it worthwhile.

-Commissioners will receive one high resolution version of their request and any additional stages of the work (such as the sketch and lineart for fully coloured work.)

-All commissioners will receive 3 revisions requests at the sketch stage, 2 at the lineart stage and 1 at the colour stage. Revisions will not carry over between stages and revisions beyond the allotted ones will be charged for.

-Commissions must be paid for upfront prior to the beginning of work. However it will not be required until I am prepared to work on the image

-Adult/kink content surcharges are subject to change based on complexity and my personal level of interest in the subject of the request.

-Commissions may be refused for any reason without explanation

-I reserve the right to cancel and refund a commission at any time.

-Change of mind refund requests will be given, but buyer will be considered liable for all work complete to that point. If no work has been completed a refund minus $2 will be issued.

-In the event I feel I am unable to complete your commission due to time restraints, personal emergencies or simply being unable to fulfil the request, payments will be refunded completely with an explanation to the buyer.

To discuss commissioning me or to negotiate prices either contact me via note or drop an email to titled ‘Commission Mischief’ Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want and if at all possible, some clear visual references.

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