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*** ~ Please note: I only accept friend requests from people I am friends with offline too! No offense meant to anyone out there, but I don't make friends easily and cherish my privacy. Thank you for understanding!***

An American stuck in France, learning the culture and language a little at a time ^.^

Aspiring leather crafter. I primarily craft small items such as key chains, book covers and belt pouches. My work is primarily carved and painted/dyed. Any sewing and assembly is done by hand (I don't play nice with sewing machines - we have a hate/hate relationship).

Commission information soon to follow.

Silverwind Studios is the leather working studio collaboration between karmakat and myself. Check it out for more info on our wares! (English and soon-to-be eventually French).
Our current work queue can be found here:

Yep, I'm pretty bad when it comes to updating... but if you have any questions or just want to say hello, don't be shy! I only bite my husband ^.^

**Planned Convention Attendance: **
Anthrocon 2016: Confirmed, Dealer.
Eurofurence 2016: Attending, no dealer slot

Yes, I'm a LURKER... I might not comment/fave much, but I'm always watching... <lurk lurk lurk>

Status: Happily taken. Married to karmakat

I don't mind gift art, but please follow these guidelines:

  • Keep it PG-13. Pin-up style is fine, but no bits and pieces showing please.
  • I AM MARRIED. I don't go outside of my relationship. That is my choice, please respect it.
  • Character credit please :)

Where to find me:

Silverwind Studios @ Blogspot

>Banner art by Spearfrost. Thank you!<

Latest Journal

Signal Boost: Safyre's Wish

Signal boosting this because it needs as much exposure as possible!

A little girl named Safyre in New York was badly injured in a house fire two years ago, in which she also lost her immediate family.
You can read her story here.

Safyre's aunt bought a card tree to hang Christmas cards on this year, and Safyre's Wish is to fill it up.
We can all help make this little girl's holiday wish come true - for the price of a stamp!
Send your cards to:

P.O. Box 6126
Schenectady, NY 12306, USA

Thank you!

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