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The Seraph by Prostapheresys

The Seraph


18 April 2019 at 13:03:03 MDT

I'm proud to show you all my latest creation, the Seraph! ^w^
Its true name and origins will remain a secret for a long time... maybe eons... ok maybe not that much, I want to feature him in a story sooner or later XD

Species Info:
The Seraphim are likely the best evidence of alien life in the universe: mysterious and powerful, it is said that their civilization and technology developed over the course of millennia. What sends them on Earth is unknow, but so far all confirmed previous encounters have been peaceful. In fact, some Seraphim appeared to be joining forces with both humans and Enchanted for the same goal on rare occasions.
Their biology is a mystery too; these weird, almost anatomically impossible creatures seem to be made of living metal, their bodies being smooth and silvery, with some gold here and there. The head is devoid of any facial feature and yet a Seraph can clearly see, speak, hear and smell. The legs have no feet and end with pointy stilts instead, as they hover effortlessly in the air. They have a glowing golden “halo”, a sort of a metal dish attached to the head, and a total of 6 feathered wings somehow linked to their backs, in the same way their limbs float but are invisibly linked to the main body…
Finally, the Seraphim appear to be genderless and it’s debated whether they can reproduce at all, although hybrids with other species named “Angels” have been known to exist…

A special thanks to Demitsorou who did such a beyond amazing artwork!
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