Zagrabeth the Deva / Asura by Prostapheresys

Zagrabeth the Deva / Asura


4 May 2019 at 13:17:23 MDT

New character, yay! ^
Don't worry people, with this one I think I should be almost done with new characters for my Avalon universe setting... there's always room for more though, just in case ;P
As for this one in particular, she's quite versatile and proficient in the arts of divination, as you can see! But I'll have to fully develop her backstory another day...

Species info:
The Devas, or Asuras, have always had a long tradition of magic knowledge and research, so much so that some of the most famous and prestigious practitioners of the arcane arts in history belong to this race. Magic is an integral part of their culture, which highly influenced on various levels our current understanding of it; for example, the word “Magic” itself originated from their language and the currently accepted distinction between the terms “arcanist” (a scholar and historian of the arcane arts), “magician” and “sorcerer” (someone who actually has magic powers or is well-trained in its use, respectively) also originates from their literature. They are also well-known for giving great regard to hair-styles and for their elaborate tattoos with luminous or fluorescent colours.
They always have silver hair over an otherwise completely hairless body, which can be of various skin tones ranging from golden or amber, to pale white or even ebony. The head has an elongated cranium compared to humans, with pointy long ears, big colourful eyes that show no irises and an almost insectile mouth with parting jaws. They possess four arms, four fingers on each hand and four toes on the digitigrade feet; females also develop four breasts when mature.
Once upon a time Devas and Asuras were in conflict against each other, but those days are long gone and since they both belong to the same species, they can be called one way or the other. The Elves descend from Devas who cross-bred with humans and thus are hybrid creatures, not a species of their own.

Many thanks to Cespuglia2008 for the artwork! Grazie mille! ^_^

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