Tzargshaznakk, the Half-Demon Dragon by Prostapheresys

Tzargshaznakk, the Half-Demon Dragon


8 April 2019 at 14:09:59 MDT

A commission that took forever and of which I'm mostly proud of nonetheless, second only to my own fursona ù.ù
So many, many, many thanks to Kazaviir for making it and bearing with me XD (Her post HERE)

About the character:
Tzargshaznakk’s appearance is so fearsome that can make even other dragons shy in comparison; it however hides his inner, repulsive nature that he himself despises: his half-demon nature.
From his head and spanning across his wings, a total of 11 monstrous eyes are on his body, each one able to see and provide him with unspeakable sensory experiences. He usually holds open only his two “regular” eyes on his head, keeping the remaining 9 closed shut, especially when in public and even refers to them as if they didn’t belong to him and had lives of their own; that’s how much he hates his demonic self. The only part about it that really comes handy is the ability to transform from feral to anthro at will. The transformation isn’t exactly fast nor painless, and he favors his “real”, more powerful feral form over the other one, but his anthro form is just too practical to be ignored…
Tzargshaznakk doesn’t know how he came to be and that’s the least of his worries, but was never truly able to escape his evil nature. However, he finds it stupid to indulge oneself into evil acts without purpose; he probably tried many of them in his past out of pure curiosity but he was never happy about them. In his opinion, there’s no joy or gain in bringing evil and chaos to other people, or to make them suffer just for the sake of it. While he would never admit it, he envies good people, how they can just trust each other and be happy about they’re simple lives… and that’s probably why he likes to play “fair” when scheming for his personal gain.
So in the end, you could say that he’s not really all evil… he does try to be good… but being bad, crushing all opposition and not having to worry about others is just way easier…

About Dragons:
Just like in most of their historical iconography, Dragons have four legs and a pair of wings, but with a silhouette closer to that of an agile mammal than that of a reptile. They may not be able to wield magic but they’re still among the most fearsome creatures of Earth: with an average height of 4 meters at the withers and a wingspan up to 15 meters, adult dragons are covered in almost impenetrable scales [bested only by anti-tank or superior weaponry] that are also highly resistant to extreme temperatures and corrosion. Only the wings and the armpits are more exposed to damage due to the thinner layer of scales over them.
They’re also notorious for breathing fire, although it’s more appropriate to say that they spit a flammable liquid that spontaneously burns with oxygen at room temperature, produced by a pair of glands in the mouth. The glands can shoot a stream of the substance with a reach up to 50 meters; however, a dragon usually can’t produce enough liquid for “sustained fire”. They still have the strenght to kill though with just their horns, their fangs, their claws or their long tail which has spikes or hardened bone at its end for massive smashing damage.
Lastly, Dragons have the most peculiar sleep-wake rhythm as they can spend years, sometimes even decades, being constantly awake, only to fall into a deep lethargic state for just as much time. They still have long lives, and thus they can accumulate a lot of knowledge and become very intelligent.

About Demons:
The most mysterious of beings, and thus potentially the most menacing beings… Almost nothing is known about demons, or devils, so it’s already a great achievement that their existence was confirmed. Reliable info about them is very rare and this suggests that they’re likely few in numbers on planet Earth, or that they’re dormant in our current age…
It’s unknown whether they have a defined shape and body since they can merge with and “possess” the bodies of their victims, which makes some speculate they may actually be closer to parasites than to sentient beings… yet stories tell of them obeying a sort of “greater mind” in some way…
The only distinctive aspect of these abominations, common to all their many different depictions, are the multiple eyes scattered all over their bodies almost at random, and in the most unusual of places for other creatures…


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