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Glynne the Glaistig by Prostapheresys

Glynne the Glaistig


Aaah... my first commissioned work and OC... the feelz XD
I'm re-uploading this in my gallery because she deserved more attention since I also completely revamped the character, so I felt this was a major edit worth a re-upload.

Character info:
Glynne is not your stereotypical Satyress… First and foremost, she identifies as a Glaistig, who have been living in matriarchal societies by countless generations and thus tend to be strong-willed, steadfast women that aren’t afraid of what they say and think, nor need justification for their actions. Secondly, Glynne is quite eccentric too, and loves to live a wealthy and stylish life thanks to the many inheritances collected through the years, surrounded by tasteful works of art and fine luxuries without ever being tawdry or showing opulence. Her favourite attraction are gala nights, where she loves to dance and meet aristocrats or find other admirers; otherwise she finds gardening to be her favourite hobby.
As a result, she has gained quite some fame among gossip people, which is a bit of a shame from Glynne’s point of view since despite her life style, she actually values having a private life away from the eyes and ears of the people. And also because one of her favourite quirks is to hide as much as possible her true nature and pretending to be a human woman for some reason. It could be argued with malice that she does seem to be particularly interested in old and rich lovers given that she has no income and lives off her fortune… but all her relationship seem to be in truth a faint copy of her one, original true love.
An arranged marriage to some, a true love for Glynne and her Nokken husband. He was the one who showered her with attentions and dedicated most of his final moments to her even though he was ill and aware of having a short life ahead of him. In return, Glynne granted his wish to have children by giving birth to his son Fabian.

Species info:
Satyrs, Fauns, Leshy, Glaistigs and Hircocervus… Each unique and yet all the same race… They’re the second most populous intelligent species of Earth after mankind and as a result they show quite a lot of diversity, both in appearance and in culture. They’re still all easily recognisable by the horizontally slitted pupils, their hooved legs, short tail, and fur; males in particular can be distinguished by their big horns or antlers (some females can grow them too, but they never reach the size of male ones). Also notable is the fact that the horns/antlers, the hooves and their bone structure are similar to wood.
This said, each ethnic group has it’s characteristics: Satyrs for example have equine hooves instead of cloven hooves and tend to be very open about their sexuality, while Hircocervus are introvert, hard-working individuals with goat-like muzzles. The Leshy have extra wooden excrescences on their shoulders and thighs and usually inhabit forests, while the matriarchal Glaistigs prefer lakes, ponds and rivers and almost look human since they have little to no fur from the waist up.
However, they all have in common a sort of magical link with plants and animals, which most people interpret as some form of “telepathy” but is actually described by them as more like “being one with nature and its children, and yet a separate being”. Truth is that it’s nearly impossible to translate such concept with human words…

The artwork was made by the talented Carota17!

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