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Lord Pren by Pentazer

Lord Pren


18 November 2019 at 18:46:44 MST

Lord Pren is the protagonist of the "Legend of Pren" campaign set in the Chronicles of the Realms half of my Nightmareverse. It takes place in the Seven Kingdoms of Wuxia and features the disposed prince, Lord Pren who lost one of the Seven Kingdoms; Shiyangkaido to an invading warlord. Grabbing the family's heirloom blade chirijiraden Pren swore revenge and disappeared into the wilderness. Years later Pren kicks in the door of the evil merchant Echigoya, kill-steal all the things!(whoops, not skaven, let me try that again). He infiltrates the estate of the evil merchant magnate Echigoya and after a bloody conversation, has found himself the proud new owner of an elite airship. With a crew quickly gathered, Pren becomes an air pirate of Wuxia, building up a war chest until he happens upon a fragment of pure power, Magnum. Seeing his chance, Pren wields the power of the gods to return to Shiyangkaido, reclaim his ancestral home by killing the warlord. Not content with just one throne, Pren seeks more Magnum and then goes all Nobunaga on the Seven Kingdoms, systematically conquering nation after nation until he unifies all Wuxia under one banner, the banner of the peacock.

Art done by the always fabulous DSW7 and features the character of Pren who belongs to Tyrfang