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The hopeless concubine by Pentazer

The hopeless concubine


Here's my character from the "Legend of Pren" set in the Seven Kingdoms of Wuxia, an enigmatic land of my Chronicles of the Realms. The concubine of the evil merchant Echigoya. Pentazer remained an object of perverse desire of the magnate for most of his life, not only satisfying his carnal desires, but also his taste for blood as well. "What better beast to watch the light drain from his eyes than a phoenix who will be restored the next day!" So it was Pentazer's fate to regularly die at the hands of Echigoya in a variety of traditional or exotic fashions, all to satisfy his sadistic desires. Trapped forever as far as the phoenix thought, that is until a power hungry peacock burst in to the estate and just about killed Echigoya.

After fleeing for his life and leaving everything behind, including Pentazer, Echigoya would return. Until then however, Pentazer, now without an owner quickly found that role taken by Pren who became his new master. That is until the two began to see more in one another than just servant and lord. Adventuring together for some time, Pentazer proved to be very useful to Pren, able to heal wounds or resurrect fallen pirates, not to mention his ability to unleash torrents of flame upon their enemies. Over time, he would grow on Pren more deeply. While the peacock may not have been so forthcoming with it and likely would have killed any who pointed it out, it was clear the peacock had developed deep feelings for the wayward phoenix. The phoenix would remain at the side of Pren all through his bloody campaigns to unify the Seven Kingdoms.

Art by the fabulous DSW7