Hello! I am a young artist just recently starting up to post art and doing commissions. I mostly do digital art now-a-days as vector images and more. I still have a lot to learn but glad to always talk about art and of course furries and animals.
I'm currently in college for graphic design.
Facts: Love me some pizza and chicken ^-^
Music, varies by song
Love pokemon/ am a pokemon collector (don't judge DX)
Love anime
Not really a girly girl/tom-boy, in fact,girls scare me sometimes o.o
Gamer fur :D mostly pc since i can't afford to keep up with the "newest" systems
Decent with repairing/knowing about technology more in-depth
Love to stay in cool places,also love cuddling though most ppl find it weird or take it into sexual term -.-

Fursona: chubby grey wolf with black tip ears, bottom half of my tail black while paws and belly a gray-white (like a husky but not white)

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Lack of Art

on 3 August 2015 at 17:01:51 MDT keep it short and simple, a lot of stuff happened that made me stop drawing. First is home and business priority. Since those pay for bills and my own life style,i had to focus on those. Then there the breaking up with my ex mate that at this point i feel he just cut me off his life, not even friends anymore like before :( Didn't go to anthro con cause i no longer had anyone to go with and don't ever want to go at it alone. But there has been plus sides of my life. I passed my semester, got a new tablet and my business grew a lot. But it still hurts my time and inspiration to draw. Don't worry too much though, with all the negatives in life, i'm glad to just be living.

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Clay fursona head

Chibi-like full body
$ 15.00
Head only
$ 8.00

Digital Drawings

Certain theme/anything else, message
from $ 10.00
to $ 20.00
Full body fursona+complicated/detail background
$ 12.00
Full body fursona+plain background
$ 10.00
add  each extra fursona
$ 2.00

Holiday Ornament

One fursona
$ 10.00
Two Fursona
$ 12.00
add  more than two
$ 1.00


$ 5.00
$ 6.00


Custom plushies (over 20 inches)
$ 100.00
Large size plushies (15-18 inches)
$ 70.00
Standard size plushies
$ 50.00
Tsum style plushies
$ 35.00
add  Super soft stuffing
$ 5.00


$ 3.00
$ 5.00


greyscale/black and white
from $ 20.00
to $ 50.00
Water colored
from $ 10.00
to $ 40.00

Valentine Foam Heart

Hand painted hearts
$ 6.00

Valentine Photo Box

1 box, two heart shaped area for photos
$ 15.00
add  glitter or print out photo placed ahead of time
$ 2.00

The base price is for simple work of your fursona,colored and shaded. Then adds on if background is requested and the more complex/time is needed to get to the finished product. These are willing to be shipped and/or scanned into a digital copy. Holiday themed commissioned are normally hand painted.


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