Expectations by pandapaco (critique requested)

Expectations (critique requested)


16 February 2013 at 20:52:28 MST


Este es un dibujo demasiado personal.

Como seguro se habrán dado cuenta, mi personaje Art (este chico mapache mudo) es alguien con quien me identifico mucho, y esta escena que me entró en la mente no pudo haberla interpretado alguien mejor que él.

Art es un personaje peculiar, tiene una mirada que, aunque caricaturesca, es demasiado intensa, incluso a la hora de entrar en mi imaginación puedo sentirle y comprenderle, no necesita palabras para expresarme lo que siente.



This is a very personal picture.

As you can realize, I identify myself a lot with my character Art (this silent raccoon guy), and this scene that it came into my mind couln't have interpreted better than him.

Art is a peculiar character, he has a so intence look, while it is toony. Even when he enter to my imagination I can feel and understand him, he doesn't need words to express me his feelings.



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    se ve bastante pensativo.... meditativo.... como preguntándose qué haré?.... muy buena expresión!!!!

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    This is a very cute picture, and I like how you have it set up for scene and story. There are some technical issues where it's too bright/washed out on the monitor. So you may want to adjust the contrast a bit.

    If you add a bit more contrast between the sky and the character you can really make your image pop.

    Very nice work